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Father’s Path – A poem about Christ Ahnsahnghong’s love

A poem dedicated to Christ Ahnsahnghong our holiest God Almighty…

Father’s Path

When the early morning arrives with a cold atmosphere,

Father hustles His day packing His large bag full of eternal endless love

As He takes His step,

His heart beats with joy and gladness

Smiling to Himself thinking about finding His loving children

Though His love is already warm enough that it can melt the whole Universe, He does not show His Almighty power.

As He calls His lost children one by one,

He does not care about His feet getting bruised or scars with blisters that bursts with His warm love

The love that can end the whole cold sinful world creates the bonding path that leads His loving children to heaven

How much love is contained in this path, no one can ever dare to fathom

This love lights up the hearts of dying souls including me, the most prodigal sinner

Oh Father!

The barren soul that was shivering in the cold and sinful world

Is revived in Your love which You have prepared for more than 6,000 years

How much love should I share in order to pay back for Your love and grace?

No one can ever fathom, and this sinner can never dare to fathom

For Your love is too deep


I give eternal love and praises to You

Until I can share your love that You have given to me


Your path, Your footsteps full of eternal love

Is the way prepared so that I can wash away my filthy sins

All thanks and praises be to our holiest Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong. For His love and grace!

Faith to Ahnsahnghong.


The Lamb Reigns on Mount Zion (World Mission Society Church of God)
Our Redeemer Christ Ahnsahnghong