Heavenly Mother was always with me, though invisible pt.3
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God the Mother was always with me, though invisible pt.3

Continued from ‘God the Mother was always with me, though invisible pt.2’…

Since then, not a single word of the Bible or a video seemed to be ordinary. Particularly when I watched the video about the sacrifice of Heavenly Mother, I was heartbroken and cried a lot at the sacrifice of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother who left all heavenly glory behind and came to the earth for us, sinners. I did not realize how blessed I was until I realized that Mother’s love was always with me.

God the Mother’s Invisible love and Presence

As a child I had only lived with my grandmother. I had no mother, and my father was always busy. For a long time, I thought that my life was a series of lonely and blue days. But now I have realized that I have God the Mother who prays for me and gives me boundless love. Not only at the moment when I did not know God the Mother, but also at the moment when I did not believe in Her though I heard about Her and turned away from Her, Heavenly Mother was always with me though invisible.

Mother, if there are more suitable words that can express how sorry I am than the words “I am sorry” in this world. I would like to beg your forgiveness with those words. If there are the words that can express how thankful I am better than the words “Thank You,” if there are the words that can contain more love than the words “I love You,” I would like to write them down on this page a hundred times and a thousand times.

I know that there is no way to repay You for Your love with just a few words. So, I make up my mind again to become a good daughter who does what pleases You the most. I will follow You with a pure heart, and find my lost brothers and sisters by preaching hard. Heavenly Mother, I’m sorry, I thank You, and I love You.

MJ Yu, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

The Church of God New Song is Truly the Song of Life
God the Mother was always with me, though invisible pt.2


  1. It was us who committed the irreversible sin of treason in heaven and were driven down to this earth and lived in pain and loneliness. We did not find our Heaven Mother, but She waited for us to return for a long time, granted Her the blessing of the forgiveness of sins and filled us with hope for heaven. Now little by little, I realize that She always supports us with love and courage so that we can be together with the brothers and sisters of Zion, and that She is helping us grow into gospel workers through Her noble sacrifice. I am truly grateful for Heavenly Mother’s great grace and Her love.

  2. The baby is everything to the mother. Likewise, all concerns of heavenly mother is just us. I give thanks to heavenly mother who allows me eternal life.

  3. Children give mothers infinite joy. Let us also become filial sons and daughters who give joy to God the Mother, who guides our souls to heaven and nurtures them. I truly love and thank God the Mother. We will become children who forget God’s sacrifice and always practice allthing.

  4. All Glory, Honor and Thanks to Elohim God who give us eternal love and grace.
    Heavenly Mother!
    My Everything! My Life!
    I love so much Mother forever~

  5. How can we thank Heavenly mother enough since we can’t even fathom Her love and sacrifice? I follow Mother by obeying Her word as Father Ahnsahnghong’s note

  6. Mother is life, the home of life. If mothers have no love that enables herself to sacrifice her life, they cannot raise their children. But earthly things are shadows of the heavenly things. Reality is much more than its shadow.

  7. I habe a lot sympathy with this article. I also know that there is no way to repay God the Mother’s love and sacrifices with just a few words. So, I make up my mind again to become a good daughter who does what pleases You the most. I will follow You with a pure heart, and find my lost brothers and sisters by preaching hard. Heavenly Mother, I’m sorry, I thank You, and I love You.

  8. Motherly love is the strongest love to endure pain of death so that her child can be alive in any of situation. This love is from our Heavenly Mother who sacrifices for Her spiritual children.

  9. Heavenly Mother’s love is enough to melt away our frozen heart in the darkness. We can be united within her warm love.

  10. How can i express my mind of sorry and thank to Heavenly Mother! I’m gonna show my mind by action, that is following Mother’s teaching and preaching with my best. Cause it is Your most pleasing thing. I will follow Heavenly Mother until the end. Mother, I love You so much!

  11. Truly, Heavenly Mother is with us, heavenly lost children on earth. Her earnest love always surrounds us even we are sleeping. I hope to be with Heavenly Mother for ever and ever in heaven’s kingdom!

  12. whenever considering the love of God the Mother, I truly give thanks to God the Mother for loving me and leading me to the kingdom of heaven where I will live forever there.

  13. God the Mother’s love is beyond imagination. It is invisible but surely exists. Tjose who are loved by Her will be saved in the end.

  14. Heavenly Mother shows us warm smiles for her children in spite of showing her sufferings that she is going through…
    Thanks to Heavenly Mother for allowing your endless love!

  15. Sometimes I forget the love of heavenly mother .
    But even at that moment heavenly mother is giving me love .
    I am so sorry and Thanks to Heavenly mother.

  16. Heavenly Mother will be with us forever like now. She will love us forever like now and before. Our heavenly Mother will be the most wanted by us forever. Every moment in heaven will be filled with joy because Heavenly Mother and we are one.

  17. I would dearly wish to pay back even an infinitesimal part of Heavenly Mother’s grace and love to me by finding our lost heavenly brothers and sisters. I give all thanks to Heavenly Mother’s eternal love and sacrifice for coming to save us, sinners. I love U, Mother.

  18. I also took long time to realize heavenly mother in mind.
    Although, she always have been with me and prayed for me to realize her.
    Without her , I couldn’t be here.
    I really thank for realizing her.

  19. How can I repay Her boundless love. She always prays and sacifices for me but I didn’t anything for Her. I’m so sorry, Mother.

  20. Heavenly Mother, You are life. You give us everlasting life. Heavenly Mother You give us the water of life that leads us to the eternal kingdom of heaven. Heavenly Mother, thank You!

    • God bless u. I cannot fathom how much deep love of God the Mother is . What I know one thing is that God the Mother always love me and is always with me to guide me to the kingdom of heaven.


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