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Sam’s Experience – Christ Ahnsahnghong

The year is 1999 and the internet is on fire with the Y2K bug. People are convinced that the computers of the world will reset and World War III will happen. A worn out but determined Sam Ritcher is very frustrated with another job application that’s been denied. However, for Sam, everything’s about to change when 2 members of the World Mission Society Church of God come up to him and ask him if he’s heard of the Passover. Weary of meeting yet another couple of strange evangelists, Sam uses his wit and charm to get out of a potential time consuming encounter. They try to explain to him about how the Passover can make all disasters pass over him but he’s not having it today. He wants to get away as soon as possible so he starts to make his exit. They hand him a pamphlet before he’s about to leave. Being the nice person that he is, Sam takes the pamphlet, kindly says good-bye and goes on his way. Of course the pamphlet does look interesting but just because he’s always been interested in things like news about disasters. Still, too close of a call for his liking. He recalls when he almost got wooed into a strange cult that made him dress in white and pray to his dead ancestors all the while asking for money. Sam reaches home and plops himself down on the couch. He turns on the TV and falls asleep watching a rerun of his favorite sitcom ‘Friends’. The next day, its long walks to companies to see if they’re hiring and rejection after rejection. It has not been a good day, week or month for that matter. Maybe this is how 1999 is supposed to go. Maybe with all the news about Y2K and disasters, having no job is the cherry to top off how things are going. Sam stands at the corner waiting for the street light to change. He looks down at the pavement in the hopes that maybe he’ll find a winning lottery ticket but just his luck, the only thing he’s winning down there is gravel. He pans from the road in front of him to his shoes. His shoe lace is undone. Normally he wouldn’t think twice about this kind of thing but with how things are going, it’s just the icing on the cake. Sam bends down to tie his shoe. An enormous crashing sound occurs to his left! What was that? Did a bomb just go off? Did World War 3 just start? What just happened? Everything happened so fast it takes Sam a few seconds to collect himself and get a grip on what’s going on. Contrary to how people react on TV when something disastrous like this happens, there just wasn’t enough time to react. Sam slowly turns around to see a car smashed into a lamp post just a few feet away from him; steam coming from the carburetor. Did this just happen? Sam can hear people rushing over to the spot he’s at. This is just too surreal, he backs away trying to comprehend what just happened…what could’ve happened to him. As minutes pass by he’s able to focus on the fact that he wasn’t hit or killed by the moving car. Something he’s truly grateful for. He starts sweating profusely; a slight delayed reaction. He reaches in his pocket to see if he has any tissue and feels a folded up piece of paper pulling it out it unfolds naturally and on it, it reads, ‘The seal of God, New Covenant Passover‘.

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