The Church of God New Song is Truly the Song of Life
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The Church of God New Song is Truly the Song of Life

The New Song at the World Mission Society Church of God, which God has allowed to us, helped soothe my father’s suffering. A month ago, my father was hospitalized in the hospital as he had last-stage lung cancer. He suffered from delirium due to stress and illness; which also included affliction from anxiety, nervousness, and delusions. He also became very violent. My family felt drained of energy while taking care of him around the clock as he kept murmuring and didn’t sleep at all.

Soothing Melody of the New Song

His symptoms were exacerbated day after day. There were very few things I could do for him; I just watched him, praying for improvements. One day, I earnestly prayed to God and played the New Song in his hospital room. Then something amazing happened. It had been no use fixing him on the bed and giving a sedative to help him take a rest, but while listening to the New Songs, he lay peacefully on the bed and fell asleep. I hadn’t seen him sleep more than a few hours without a break in his sleep pattern. Then next day, I played the New Songs all night. There were one more than one patient suffering from delirium and another patient who had dementia in the same room; it was like a miracle to see all of them sleep, listening to the soothing melody of the New Song.

The New Song is truly the song of life, which contains God’s grace. Not only do the New Songs lift our spirits but they lead us to heaven. I give thanks to God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for comforting my father along with soothing my aching heart.

HJ Lee, Korea

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