All the little Things Poems

Our Redeemer Christ Ahnsahnghong


In Him is a secret

for the forgiveness of our sins

He came a second time

so we can overcome and win

Where we once were

and how we came to be

this secret also

He taught thru prophecy

Aimlessly we were wandering

with no hope in our sights

He called us to the truth

and promised us eternal life

Before He made the oceans

before He made the earth

before the lakes and rivers were formed

we were given birth

To let us know this secret

God came in human form

so He could approach us

in this world God was born

But the creatures that He made

ridiculed Him and mocked

persecuted and looked down upon Him

and we esteemed Him not

Despite all the hardship

the suffering and pain

He silently endured

so salvation we could gain

Altho we sinned against Him

in our heavenly home above

He brought the new covenant

and showed the extent of His love

His sacrifice is contained

in the Passover bread and wine

which represents His flesh and blood

an eternal bond that binds

He watches over us He protects us

and He says, ‘you are mine’

no flood or fire will harm you

He gives us peace of mind

May the earth be filled with His glory

let us praise Him with New Song

He is our God and Savior

our redeemer, Christ Ahnsahnghong

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