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The History of Abraham’s Family – (WMSCOG)

The History of Abraham’s Family – teachings from the World Mission Society Church of God   The Bible records about the history of Abraham’s family. If the Bible is a book that leads us to salvation (John 5:39), why did…

Christ Ahnsahnghong Coming on the Clouds Prophecies slider

How can Ahnsahnghong be God? Whom does the Bible testify about?

Truth – Whom Does the Bible Testify about? (WMSCOG)   “Ahnsahnghong cannot be God. You can’t make Ahnsahnghong God!” “We believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong as God since He is testified in the Bible.” “The world doesn’t even recognize that man….

All the little Things Poems

Father’s Path – A poem about Christ Ahnsahnghong’s love

A poem dedicated to Christ Ahnsahnghong our holiest God Almighty… Father’s Path When the early morning arrives with a cold atmosphere, Father hustles His day packing His large bag full of eternal endless love As He takes His step, His…