Heavenly Mother always prepared blessings far greater than I asked for
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Heavenly Mother always prepared blessings far greater than I asked for

For a year after receiving a new life, I have caused many anxieties to Heavenly Mother and heavenly members.
God frequently sent angels to me who ran a beauty shop. Though they wanted to let me know even one more word of the truth. However, it only went in one ear and out the other, since my present life satisfied me. Though I regarded all the words as correct, I felt like having faith is far from my business.

Meanwhile, my father passed away suddenly by an accident. Only after losing my loving father, did I realize that my life was as fragile as glass. Kind of like sitting on a barrel of gunpowder. I didn’t have the slightest idea of what would happen in the next moment. Finally, I wanted to think over the spiritual world and the truth of salvation seriously. God established the Passover to rescue us, weak and fragile humans from disasters and lead us to eternal life. God had mercy on us and this moved me.

A Heavenly Member’s Tears Moistened My Hardened Heart

Though I was blessed with a new life that way, my first love became faith soon because of my busy daily life. I gradually felt burdensome when the members of Zion suggested that I should keep the laws of God. I was postponing visiting Zion. One day, the member who led me to Zion broke into tears while telling me the words of the Bible. I couldn’t say a word. What was I, that someone cried for me? The tears moistened my hardened heart.

‘She took care of me this much. Okay, I’ll act according to the word of Heavenly Mother.

It was true that God gives overflowing blessing when we keep the laws of God. I was worried because it was not easy for me to keep services because of the nature of my job, but since when I prayed to God Elohim; Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, with the resolution that I would keep God’s laws no matter what, the way opened for me without any problem.

I want to repay Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father for Their Earnest Love

God always prepared blessings far greater than I asked for. My loving mother received baptism and became a heavenly family member. She also started attending Zion recently. Since Zion is not yet established in the region where my mother lives, she has to come to Zion that I belong to, but she never complains. Seeing her, I give thanks to God for always leading me invisibly.

Nowadays, my heart burns hotter than ever. When I deliver a few words of the Bible to the customers at my beauty shop, the earnest love of Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother that are looking for the lost children is engraved on my heart all the more. I truly pray that I will be able to repay God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for Their love, never forgetting Their grace.

EJ Go, Korea

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