Life is Beautiful

“Life is Beautiful…”

In all the movies that you’ve seen, what was the movie that touched your heart? Today I’d like to ????) recommend a movie, titled “Life is Beautiful” which was released in 1997.

It had a big impression on me and made think of my family and the pain of war. The plot is set at the beginning of World War II, when many Jews were being killed. It is a very difficult subject, but the director made it easy to understand and beautiful. This story is very sad, on the other hand, it includes amazement and a real love story.

Guido and his son, Joshua, live in a comfortable home and spend their time together joyfully every day. One day, they are suddenly taken to a concentration camp by German Nazis. To save his son from the horror of the situation, Guido lies to Joshua by saying that although war looks very terrible, it is just a game and they are the people who were specially selected to play.

The prize, after winning 1000 points, is a tank. Although the Nazis killed the Jews cruelly, Joshua was safe and reunited with his mother. However Guido was killed.

This movie illustrates the love and sadness of war. Even though I couldn’t feel the misery and pain of war, I felt strong love a father has for his son and I understood that such horror of war is painful and awful to everybody. I was captivated by this movie, and even cried.

The movie, “Life is Beautiful” is a significant and good movie.

If you watch this movie, I can guarantee, you’ll with love it like I do.

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