I want to quickly deliver the love of God Elohim
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Deliver the love of God Elohim

Deliver God’s love to my family

On a winter day, when a sharp drop in temperature made it really cold, I met some people from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). They wanted to deliver the message of God to me. Usually, I would not say anything to them even when they asked me something. But, that day I could not turn my face away from them because of the earnestness in their eyes; they seemed to be so eager to tell me something.

I received the truth and went to Zion (WMSCOG). However, when I first visited Zion, I was actually thinking of quitting the Church of God. Even though I had only attended for a few months. Since I doubted the existence of God, not to mention the Bible, I thought the Church of God would be the same as other churches. So, I often broke my promises with the members of the WMSCOG. However, God never gave up on me. Thanks to the members’ constant love and care for me, I opened my mind and started to keep the Sabbath. Then everything went according to God’s will, not mine.

Deliver God’s love to my husband

About six months later, some of my family members received the truth – my mom who had hated church and my daughter who had become very sensitive in her adolescent age. However, it was not easy for me just to talk to my husband about our Church of God because he had a deep-rooted faith in his family’s religion since childhood.
As I was told that I would be able to experience the great blessings of the Holy Spirit if I celebrated the feasts of God fully, I diligently went to Zion and prayed for my husband’s soul during the feast of Tabernacles. A few days after the feast, my husband told me:
“I’m thinking of going to your church.”

Deliver the love of God Elohim

God truly answered my prayer. My husband attended a worship service together with me. Unfortunately, however, he was not willing to receive the truth. For him, I prayed to God with tears again.

Before long, I had an opportunity to talk seriously with my husband. I learned that he was going through a hard time because the religion he belonged to became gradually secularized. I thought ‘this is the time for me to deliver the truth’. After talking with me for a couple of hours, my husband decided to receive the truth. And a few days later he truly did receive the true God. It was a touching moment.

I want to quickly deliver the love of God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother to the whole world.

Now my husband says that he feels good whenever he is in Zion. And the members are always full of happy smiles. So, in turn, it brings a smile to his face when he sees them. These days, he is very eager to study the Word as quickly as possible after work, so he even skips dinner and goes to Zion to study God’s word. Usually, his hunger gets the better of him, but he is more eager to satisfy his spiritual hunger than his physical hunger. Sometimes he asks me sharp, pointed questions, which puts me on edge even though I have learned more about the Bible than him. So, I try to concentrate all the more on the sermons to be able to answer any question from my husband.

The more I learn the truth, the more deeply I understand the great love of God in my heart. I want to quickly deliver the love of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother to all the other members of my family and to my neighbors as well. God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, thank you for giving this sinner so much happiness and joy.

YB Oh from Korea


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