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That’s relativity folks! – Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother prepared a place for us

“Interstellar” – Fragrance of Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother

Have you seen InterstellarIt’s been receiving rave reviews because not only is the science behind Interstellar spot on, but the world’s leading physicist, Kip Thorne is the scientific adviser.

Even the wormhole was made with Kip Thorne’s calculations.

The part about the movie that fascinated me was, after the scientists come out of the wormhole, they decide to visit the planet orbiting Gargantua (the black hole), to see if it’s habitable. The only problem, the gravity on that planet is much stronger than earth’s, so time is much slower on that planet than it is on earth. That means, every hour spent on that planet is equal to 7 years on earth. That’s relativity folks. So the plan is, go down to the planet, spend about an hour to get the research data and get back. However, because of unseen circumstances they end up spending just over 3 hours on the planet. When they get back to the space station, 23 years has passed! 23 years! Although they have lost a lot of time, relative time is just amazing!

When I saw this movie the words ‘with the Lord a day is like a thousand years and, a thousand years are like a day’ came to mind. It all makes sense.

If this is possible in our world, how much more amazing will it be in the world that Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother are taking us to?


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