The Boundless Love of God the Mother
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The Boundless Love of God the Mother

After finishing preparation for the Sabbath day, I had a meal together with the brothers and sisters in Zion. A three-year-old brother who was beside his mother began to play, sitting on a chair. His mother asked him to stop, but he didn’t listen to her. Then he fell from his chair and hit his head on the floor. As the boy burst into a cry, his mother hurriedly went to him and calmed him down by hugging him tightly. Soon the boy stopped crying. The mother, however, held him in her arms until she finished her meal. The boy who became calm in his mother’s arms looked beautiful. It reminded me of the immense love of Heavenly Mother.

God the Mother’s Love Helps Us Overcome

Heavenly Mother always takes care of us and teaches us with love. However, we, sinful children, sometimes do not listen to Her. Because of that, we are often put in difficult situations, but God the Mother never rebukes us. She silently embraces us and comforts us. Though we don’t deserve the love, God the Mother loves us boundlessly and prays that we will be able to overcome our weakness. Now, I eagerly hope that I can give comfort and joy to God the Mother who always embraces us with love in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). God the Mother, thank you! And we love You!

A C Arango, Peru

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

We can rest when we get home
I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother's love is


  1. The Nature reveals the love of Mother for her child that mother lays down her life to save child, likewise, Heavenly Mother give up her glory of heaven for the spiritual children of her and came down on this earth from heaven. This is boundless love of heavenly mother.

  2. That’s right. We can figure out the love of God the Mother through that of mothers on the earth. The existence of God the Mother is reassuring indeed. Whenever we do not listen to Her, She never rebukes us but prays for us not to commit sins again. Then, Realizing Her love and sacrifice, we become to listen to Her. I repent my sins and I will repay God the Father and God the Mother for Their love.

  3. Through my mother in the earth, I feel God the Mother’s love. I give thanks to Heavenly Mother’s boundless love!!

  4. The Bible teaches us that earthly system is a copy and shadow of the heavenly one.
    Just as our physical mother gave us a lot of love, the love of our Heavenly Mother for us is immeasurable.
    The love that Heavenly Mother gives us us the greatest and most gentle.
    No matter where we are or what we do, God the Mother always takes care of us.
    I give all praises and thanks to God the Mother who loves us so much and leads us to eternal heaven.

  5. A mother’s sacrifice and love seem endless until her children grow up safely. Heavenly Mother endures her sorrows and pains invisibly, nurtures us with her children’s support and teachings of life, and hugs us and comforts us with her love whenever we suffer and suffer because of our sins. Her noble love is so great and great that it cannot be expressed.

  6. Are you having a hard time? We always look for our mother when we are having a hard time. Because she has good advice, comfort, and warm arms no matter what. Just like the mother of the flesh, God the Mother also gives us more strength. we sincerely appreciates that her infinite love. we cannot do anything without prayer without Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

  7. When we are in difficulty, we can easily forget that God the Mother is with us and comforts us. However, God the Mother loves us boundless and prays that we will be able to overcome our weakness. I give eternal thanks and honor to God the Mother for allowing us to receive blessings by believing the power of God and overcoming our weakness.

  8. Always mother thinks about her children and take care. That is the greatest love of the world as copy.
    The reality is our Heavely mother’s love. I love you Mother!

  9. Thank you so much. This makes me remind of warm arms of my mother. I always felt cozy in her arms. I look forward to being in Mother’s arms again in my spiritual home, heaven.

  10. It’s impossible to imagine Heavenly Mother’s deep love for heavenly lost children. No one can say, “I truly understand Heavenly Mother’s earnest love!”

  11. As a hen gather her chicks under her wings, God the Mother gather us in her warm arms for loving and guiding us to the way of salvation. through Her love and sacrifice, we can have safe feelings.

  12. Heavenly mother gives the true love and I can feel it through the brothers and sisters in Zion. I am so blessed to be in Zion.

  13. Immense love of Heavenly Mother is the greatest in all the world. I want to become like Her. From now on, i will try to become a warm and generous heart person as God’s child and take care of our brothers and sisters with all my heart in Zion.

  14. Heavenly mother cares us endlessly. Even though Sinful children don’t understand mother’s love, heavenly mother’s love for us is steady and deep. THANKS TO MOTHER.

  15. No one can measure the depth of Heavenly Mother’s great love. She embracing my empty heart with Her warm love when I had hard time. I give thanks to Mother for Her consideration and helps.


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