I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother's love is
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I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother’s love is

Little could I imagine how much realization I would receive through this. This happened when I was preparing to enter the College of Fine Arts in Germany.

The assignment for the 2nd test was drawing up the design of urban agriculture. Because urban agriculture includes growing crops on porches or on the roof top of apartment buildings, I thought I had seen it before. Searching my memory, one person who did urban agriculture nearest me came to my mind – it was my mother. My high school was far from my house. So I had to change buses and subways several times.

My mother would wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for me. She would also wake me up though I peevishly tried to sleep five minutes more. My mother set the table with fresh green vegetables that she herself grew in the porch. Thanks to my mother who prepared good meals for my health, I always had fresh and delicious food in the morning. Even though I ate vegetables everyday, I had no interest in what my mother grew.

It is hard to Imagine the Great Love of Heavenly Mother

Only after I came to Germany, did I realize that everything that made me live, breathe, eat and smile came from my mother. Furthermore, I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother’s love is. I look back upon myself whether I was a selfish child who just complained. Did I even think of the efforts Heavenly Mother who always takes care of Her children with love and wakes up their souls, made? Now I pledge myself that I will take more interest in God the Mother’s work and provide support though it may be small. My eternal gratitude to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for loving this child and waking up my soul. Father and Mother, I love you.

SH Park, Germany

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

The Boundless Love of God the Mother
Just like the cactus which blooms in its time


  1. How to express the LOVE of God the Mother?
    God the Mother’s Love makes us perfect and guves the eternal life.

    • Heavenly mother’s love is incomparable to anything.
      Her love is endless and a one-sided sacrifice.
      I really thank to heavenly mother for giving us the eternal life.
      We need to know the value of her love and receive it.
      Her love will make us perfect and be blessed.

  2. Actually, I think I am slow to feel something. God loves us continueously and steadiously, though I counldn’t feel it at the moment. At odd times, I feel it. Then it makes me touching. How great love our God gives. His sacrifice, love… I give all thanks and honor to Elohim God, our Saviors.

  3. All mothers in the world are happy and proud just looking at their children, even when their children are not particularly good.
    The heart that a mother of this world has is the shadow of the heart of Heavenly Mother.
    I am so happy and thankful that I can live as a child of Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, who loves this heavenly sinner who is always lacking in many things more than what I am good at and who encourages me with great praise despite my small efforts.

  4. Thanks for sharing your realization about the fathomless love of God the Mother through the experience with your physical mother. Without Mother, we can’t not exist at a moment. Eternal thanks to Her.

  5. The love of a parent’s for children is a deep love that can never be counted from the children’s point of view.
    Furthermore, How can we totally understand that the God the Mother’s love who very basis of love?
    Thank you for being Heavenly mother of me.

  6. Heavenly Mother’s love is so great that no one can measure its depth at all. And, Her love is the source of eternal salvation of heavenly lost children.

    • I think that Heavenly Mother’s love is like air we breathe. In spiritual world, we cannot live even a minute without Her great love. If we are far from Her love, then, nothing but the dead!

  7. No children can imagine their mother’s great love at all. The same in the spiritual world. her great love is so deep and beyond explanation. We can just feel the smallest of Her love.

  8. Everybody in this earth don’t know the way to enter the kingdom of Heaven. Only God knows this and can teach us! Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother make us to know the way to go Heaven! They teach us the giving love and the feast of eternal life, the Passover! All we need their teaching for our salvation! Please listen to them!

  9. Yes. Mother is a only person who teach how to act n love anothers in all circumstances from childhood. So for me I also learn a lot from mother n sometimes suddenly it comes across my mind. Same way I don’t want to forget heavenly Mother’s love and kindness for me.

  10. Even though Heavenly Mother’s love is invisible, we cannot live without Heavenly Mother. Heavenly Mother takes care of us with the greatest love.

  11. Heavenly mother’s love is so great.
    That is why i couldn’t see her love through my narrow sight.
    I feel sorry for heavenly mother.
    And thanks for your great love.

  12. I give thanks to Mother for Her consideration and helping us realize God, Who is love. I will preach the love and consideration which Mother taught us, to people who are still waiting God’s love.

  13. I can feel heavenly mother’s love through my physical mother.
    Although I already attained adulthood as a office worker in a company, she always takes care of me.
    From now on, I would like to share what I received mother’s love with each other.

  14. God the Mother’s love is unfathomable. Even if everything on earth were a parchment to write the deeds of Mother, there would not be enough space to write it down. Even if the oceans, lakes, rivers, creek and every drop of water ink to write the deeds of God the Mother, it would not be enough. Therefore we cannot fathom the love of our Heavenly Mother, New Jerusalem. Only when we try and resemble the love of our Mother, can we truly feel God the Mother’s love.

  15. Mother’s love is so great and it can’t be compared to anything.
    Furthermore, Heavenly mother always give priorities to us.
    We need to realize her love deeply.

  16. Even though I have received many thing from God, I live as if it is natural. But Father and Mother work for us with sacrifice, I should know their kindness. Thanks to Elohim God!

  17. A few days ago I watched the movie “A.I”.
    When the robot boy was given only one day to be able to be with his human mother (actually who he thinks so), he spent blissful time with her. The eyes of the boy to look at his mother were so happy and at the same time so sad.
    As I grow older, I am getting miss my mother more and more becuase of getting understand the love of mother more and more. How much greater is Heavenly Mother’s love! Our Eternal God the Mother is our eternal love!

  18. Why do ppl say that motherly love is the greatest love of all ? It is b/c a mother is the one who sacrifices everything for her child without stopping, since the moment when she gives birth to a child, suffering from the pain of labor. That’s the reason why ‘Motherly love’ became a byword for the devoted love. Spiritually It is the same. Considering teachings of the Bible, everything on earth contains the providence of God the creator (Rev. 4:11) . Then what does God teach us thr the motherly love on earth ? Which shows that as a mother on earth sacrifices herself to give her child everything as she can, so our Spiritual Mother sacrifices Herself to give Her children eternal life.
    Therefore, before it is too late, we should realize the existence of God the Mother who is now sacrificing everything for saving us.

    • AMEN! God bless you~ We should believe on God the Mother who are testified and lead us to the Kingdom of heaven. I give thanks to God the Mother for letting me have eternal life through Her sacrifice and love.

  19. Our minds cannot conceive the height, depth, and width of God the Mother’s love. All we can do, is try and emulate Her love so we can try and resemble God the Mother’s love so we can boast about Christ.

    • Amen~
      Thank you for all this time in Heavenly Mother’s grace.
      I will follow Heavenly Mother’s way until I go to heaven.

  20. Mother’s love makes me alive.
    She’s warm heart thawed my indifference to God, then I can receive the truth.
    Thanks to Heavenly Mother.

  21. Without Mother, we cannot live even a second, wandering and surviving this dark world. Through God’s grace, we a
    are given another chance to go back to our hometown. Let us all grab Her hands firmly so we could finally meet our Father soon!


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