I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother's love is
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I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother’s love is

Little could I imagine how much realization I would receive through this. This happened when I was preparing to enter the College of Fine Arts in Germany.

The assignment for the 2nd test was drawing up the design of urban agriculture. Because urban agriculture includes growing crops on porches or on the roof top of apartment buildings, I thought I had seen it before. Searching my memory, one person who did urban agriculture nearest me came to my mind – it was my mother. My high school was far from my house. So I had to change buses and subways several times.

My mother would wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for me. She would also wake me up though I peevishly tried to sleep five minutes more. My mother set the table with fresh green vegetables that she herself grew in the porch. Thanks to my mother who prepared good meals for my health, I always had fresh and delicious food in the morning. Even though I ate vegetables everyday, I had no interest in what my mother grew.

It is hard to Imagine the Great Love of Heavenly Mother

Only after I came to Germany, did I realize that everything that made me live, breathe, eat and smile came from my mother. Furthermore, I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother’s love is. I look back upon myself whether I was a selfish child who just complained. Did I even think of the efforts Heavenly Mother who always takes care of Her children with love and wakes up their souls, made? Now I pledge myself that I will take more interest in God the Mother’s work and provide support though it may be small. My eternal gratitude to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for loving this child and waking up my soul. Father and Mother, I love you.

SH Park, Germany

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

The Boundless Love of God the Mother
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