I will become a spore of life
All the little Things Fragrances

I will become a spore of life

Passover, the way to eternal life

My daughter and I were on our way home together. I worried she might catch a cold because of the chilly air due to the early monsoon rain. Despite the chilly weather, however, my daughter spread out her arms and smiled sweetly, saying that the wind was warm. A gentle breeze which brushed across my face and felt so warm – it felt like Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother were approaching me like a breeze; blowing life into me.

I wanted to be dutiful as a mother of two children, a wife, a daughter-in-law and an office worker. But fatigue had overrun my life. I had been eager to get some rest on the upcoming holiday. But instead, I followed my husband to his alumni meeting. Everybody there was my husband’s closest friends and they were like a real family. So, naturally, we, the wives were also close and quite open with one another. That day, I heard about the Passover, the way to eternal life, from one of the wives.

The Bible like pieces of a puzzle, fit perfectly together

After that, I talked with her about the Bible several more times. However, I could not understand it because it differed completely from what I had learned. Sometimes, I said hurtful things to her without meaning to do so. Still, she never became angry and always smiled quietly back at me. Her attitude guided me to learn more. But I soon gave up because I did not want to sacrifice my personal time.

After a year, I quit my job and met her again. With her help, I examined God’s word through the Bible. And my negative thoughts about the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) disappeared. Every day I studied the words of life in the Bible. And I found that all the words fit perfectly together just like how puzzle pieces come together to make a complete picture.

My realizations thanks to God

While I grew in faith, my elder sister strongly opposed my religion. I understood why she worried about me. However, I could not understand it when she came to Zion and raised her voice in opposition. I felt so ashamed of my sister’s impudence that I could not go to Zion again; her outburst had injured my pride and my face blushed with embarrassment. At that time, a member silently approached me and encouraged me to pray together. On her face, I could see Mother’s gentle smile. As I thought about Mother, my pride did not seem like anything at all.

I calmed myself down and prayed, and called my sister first. She apologized to me for having crossed the line. If it was the old me, I would probably have let my pride get to me and never talked to her again. Mother must have fostered Her love in my heart, without me even knowing it.

On the day when we held the Worldwide Cleanup Campaign for the Passover, I invited one of my ex-colleagues. To my happiness, she became a child of God Elohim after listening to the word of God. However, I soon worried about how to lead her with my weak faith like that of a child. Unlike doubtful me, she received the Words of life without any resistance and just obeyed. Seeing her, I realized my lack of faith and gave thanks to God.

I will become a spore of life and germinate the seeds of love in people’s hearts

After receiving the blessing of the Feast of Pentecost, I concentrated on preaching the gospel all the more. I wanted to be armed with wisdom, patience, and love, quickly getting rid of my pride, stubbornness, and fear so that I could lead many souls to God the Mother.

To me, God is like the wind, always with me; sometimes as a refreshing breeze that cools my soul when it’s overheated, and sometimes as a warm breeze that melts my frozen heart.

Today too, I pray to God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother so that I will become a spore of life and fly to many people to germinate the seeds of love and life in their hearts. Committing myself to wherever the wind leads me.

MA Lee, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I will practice stretching out my hands first following God's example
I want to become a gospel teacher


  1. God always guides us. If you do not doubt God at all and wait with a 100% trusting heart, you can feel the love of God.

  2. The only way that can go to kingdom of heaven is realizing true God. We can find God only through the bible. I found God the Mother and Father through the bible. I give my thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing me to realize true God.

  3. all people should realize truth of the Passover so that they may have a life of spirit!
    Thanks to God for allowing us to celebrate the Passover!

    • Absolutely!! The truth of the Passover is like the last will of Jesus Christ before His sacrifice on the cross for sinners who has lived in this earth with death sentence. Even though from now on many people don’t know this, but it’s very important for everyone. In addition, it’s only for our souls, so let’s study about this more in detail through the Bible.

  4. God always waits for us to realize God’s love which gives us eternal life. It’s the Passover, which we should spread to those who don’t know about it.

    • When we see the parents’ love in this earth, we can realize Heavenly Parents’ love a little because heavenly things are reality of the earthly things(Heb. 8:5). In addition, our life is given through our parents for our spiritual life there must be Heavenly Parents; Father and Mother. God the Father and Mother grants us life through the Passover. It’s important.

  5. Tanks to Elohim God for knowing me the way to eternal life, the Passover. As WMSCOG member, I also spread the fragrance of Zion to whole world.

    • Thanks to Elohim God who allows us eternal life through the way to eternal life, the Passover. Even though other churches keep the Passover like our church, because there is no Spiritual Parents; God the Father and God the Mother that’s not real according to the Bible. In WMSCOG, I am so happy to keep this only on the regulation of God.

  6. This is very touching and impressive. I also want to become a spore of life and germinate the seeds of love and life to people’s heart as to the best of my ability. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Passover is the true that testified that we are children of God. so we must keep the Passover to inherit the eternal life.

  8. “I will become a spore of life and germinate the seeds of love in people’s hearts” when I see this expression, it makes me moved. Only to those who don’t have true love from God there is sacrifice like Father and Mother who has come to this earth for us.

  9. This fragrance of zion reminds me of the passage; preach the word, be prepared in season and out of season. We shouldn’t be jurde everything with our own criteria but always try to see the world in the eyes of God. Thank you for the beutiful stroy.

    • Without the preaching nobody could listen and realize the truth. From me, out of season and in season I will try to preach to people who don’t know this. “Please come back to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother!!”

  10. Christ Ahnsahnghong and heavenly mother is our parents truly. keep watching us and leading us and hold out their hand.
    Never missed our hands.
    I give thanks to father and mother with all my heart.

    • Absolutely!! Because Elohim God is our spiritual parents, we, the children of God, receive love from God and protection from all the disasters. So amazing and thankful it is!!

  11. Amen! Thanks to Father and Mother for waiting us and loving us with endless love. As they love me, I’ll find our brothers and sisters by waiting and loving them as Elohim God did.

  12. Always Mother pray for us and give us the love greatfully. Thanks to father and mother. I will follow mother’s will to lead us kingdom of heaven.

  13. Thanks to father,mother. Always Mother pray for us to change to perfect form. I will follow mother’s will to lead me kingdom of heaven.

  14. I give all thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for always waited for me to recognize the truth and accept it, and embracing my heart with God’s love when I was tired and frustrated. So me too, spreading God’s infinite love to people who are still having hard life in the world and bring them back to Mother’s warm arms.

    • Because God gave us the ears which we could hear, the mind which we could realize, the eyes which we could see, we come to be in Zion where God dwell. So I give all thanks and glory to Elohim God!!

  15. I give thanks and glory to Father and Mother for their infinite love for us, we should be joyful always whatever comes on our way.

  16. There is nothing we can do, however we can do everything when we rely on Elohim God; God the Father and God the Mother. So If we have a goal to achieve for gospel, we should earnestly pray to Elohim God and make every effort for it. Then, an impossible thing will become an possible thing.
    Thanks and glory be to Elohim God for being always with us.

    • Yes!! In Elohim God who is almighty we can do everything. So we need not to forget the existence of God who is always with us.

  17. I heard a very similar fragrance of Zion this past Sabbath day at the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). One member’s wife’s mother had the new covenant truth preached to her about 10 years ago by two WMSCOG members. At that time she didn’t fully grasp the truth especially because she was living in a country whose main religion is not Christianity. However as she immigrated to another country her daughter first received the truth and was attending the World Mission Society Church of God for about 10 years. This year, when she was preached about the truth of the New Covenant Passover, something inside her clicked and she recognized that she had heard this truth before and she joyfully received the truth, was baptized and attended service for the first time. How blessed is her family since Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother have led the member’s wife and his mother-in-law into the truth so that they can go to the kingdom of heaven together. The main point is that we need to plant the seeds of life no matter where, when, who, why or how because we don’t know when they’ll sprout but only that if we plant, in its due time Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother will sprout the seeds to grow. Thanks be to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  18. Our hometown is heaven and in order to go back to our heavenly hometown we must find all our lost brothers and sisters of the heavenly family who are scattered throughout the whole world. Let’s go to the world, to the ends of the world. God the Mother and Christ Ahnsahnghong have come to this earth in the flesh to save Their children. If we proclaim God to the whole world, then we will be able to find our lost family members one day sooner and then go back to our heavenly home country where there is no death, no mourning, no crying or pain. World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

    • Absolutely!! Even though we cannot remember our all memory in heaven, our God the Parents let us know this though the Bible. Through this, we can understand our spiritual state and hope for our hometown so let’s prepare the kingdom of heaven together in WMSCOG.


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