We can rest when we get home
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We can rest when we get home

After getting off the bus, I walk up the incline about 150 meters [500 feet] and go up about 50 steps on the stairs to get home. It’s hard for me alone to go up the stairs, but whenever I take my two kids-eight years old and five years old each-by their hands and go up, it’s doubly hard. One day, when we were about halfway, my daughter asked me, “Mom, why is it so hard to go home?” “Yes, it’s hard, but we can rest when we get home. Let’s go,” I answered. At that moment, I thought of the kingdom of heaven. It’s too much for us to get to the kingdom of heaven, by ourselves. That is why Heavenly Mother is with us.

Our True Home, the Kingdom of Heaven

With the thought that I can have eternal rest when I get to kingdom of heaven, I will run diligently to reach there, holding God the Mother‘s hand tightly. God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother thank you so much for your love. Also thank you for supporting and leading me to the kingdom of heaven, our true home.

MH Yu, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

God the Mother was always with me, though invisible pt.1
The Boundless Love of God the Mother


  1. We have two worlds.
    This is the physical world we live in now and the spiritual world we are going to go to later.
    Our real home is in the world of our souls.
    That is our eternal home.
    There we can enjoy eternal rest.

  2. Right, we can rest when we get home, the kingdom of heaven.
    Thus, we always have to think about returning to there.
    We are children of God the mother and God father, and they are waiting for us.
    Don’t forget our hometown. We have a home we have to go.
    Le’ts follow Elohim God and receive a blessing to rest in heaven.

  3. God is preparing the perfect heavenly kingdom, where there are those who have no defect. So, I should to make efforts to be proper person in heavenly kingdom.

  4. Although the road to heaven is not easy, it is never lonely and difficult because Heavenly Mother holds our hand and guides us. Heavenly Mother, I will never let go of that hand. thank you

  5. After the day’s work, we relax at home.
    In this way, when we finish our mission on this earth, we will rest forever in our eternal hometown, heaven.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, who came to this earth to find us who had no choice but to go to eternal hell because of our sins, opened the way for us to enjoy eternal happiness in heaven through the Passover.
    Let’s keep the Passover to receive eternal life, return to eternal heaven, and enjoy eternal happiness with our heavenly family.

  6. Even it’s hard to walk the way of the faith, we can rest when we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember that there’s no death or pain in Heaven!! We can rest forever

  7. Father Ahnsahnghong came to this earth. God the Mother still is with us. Therefore we can imagine the kingdom of heaven. But sometimes I forget it. “We can rest when we get home” this sentence makes me think. I am so happy.

  8. Amen . Let’s become more grateful, thinking of the salvation that God the Father and God the Mother have granted through Their noble sacrifice and love , who came to this earth to save our souls and to be content in any circumstance.

  9. This earth is a spiritual city of refuge where criminal angels live. And those who receive forgiveness of sins through the Passover of the new covenant can return to heaven, our hometown. Although the way to heaven is never easy, we can overcome it because Elohim God are with us and help us.

  10. Thanks to God! I am really lucky one who met true God Elohim who provide the kingdom of heaven so that I can take rest at the end.

  11. Amen! I give thanks and honor to God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing us to go back to our eternal heavenly home. I can’t wait to see how wonderful and glorious the kingdom of heaven would be! I really do want to go back to our home with all lost brothers and sisters. I will preach the gospel of the new covenant to the whole world. Let’s go to the kingdom of heaven together by believing in God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  12. Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to that beautiful heaven again? the Bible said that after all people die, they will be judged according to their deeds, so I earnestly pray that I will be able to keep the New Covenant, the feast of God, and prepare myself to go to heaven.

  13. Amen! I can’t wait to go to the kingdom of heaven! I have many things I wanna do in heavenly kingdom. I give all thanks and glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother. Let’s go back to our heavenly home together!

  14. The place where we can rest our spiritual is just Zion God established with God’s feasts. That is the church of god where God established with his blood and flesh to save us.

  15. I wanna go back to our heavenly home where we live forever with heavenly parents , brothers and sisters.
    So, I’ll also run diligently to reach there, holding God the Mother‘s hand tightly.

  16. Even though we are living in this dark world, we do have a hope that shines our future.We can go back to our hometome in heaven.

  17. When we go together with our brothers and sisters, our way to go to heaven is easy.
    Moreover It’s more easy for us to go to heaven cause our Heavenly Father and Mother accompanied us.
    Thanks to Father and Mother for leading me to our eternal Home Heaven!!

  18. Where is the most comfortable place? It’s maybe home. Our real home and the most comfortable place is the kingdom of heaven.

  19. Father and mother allowed me to go to kingdom of heaven. Thanks to father and mother for giving me a chance to know them.

  20. In Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother’s grace, I I can stay in the truth. I give all thanks and praise to our Elohim God forever and ever.

  21. We are very happy we can have eternal rest when I get to kingdom of heaven, our true home wait for us to return .Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who opened the way to return to heavenly home !

  22. Even if this moment is so hard, we can endure the hardships because we have eternal hometown, Heaven.
    Heaven is the place we can take rest forever so sisters and brothers, cheer up!
    Heaven is in front of us!!

  23. Eternal rest in heaven, eternal freedom from every kind of sins, from every kind of our suffer on the earth coming from sins.
    We will be free from being unable to love each other more, will be from every kind of misunderstanding made by loving ourselves more than heavenly brothers and sisters.

  24. I’m so comfortable and happy when I get home. Our real home is Heaven that I can’t imagine how beautiful it is!!! I want to go there with God the Mother and Heavenly Brothers & Sisters.

  25. In home, I truly take a rest. And, this is a copy of what is in heaven.
    Without heavenly Mother? Then, there’ll be no comforts for our souls.

  26. Mother’s love is perfect and it can’t be compared with any kind of love on the earth.
    Hevenly Mother is everlasting love~~

  27. We would not be able to make it home without Father and Mother coming down to this earth. When we think of the love and sacrifice of Father and Mother, we have no choice but to give thanks to them. I will also hold tight Mother’s hand on my way home so that I would not lose her again. Thank you and We love you, Father and Mother.

  28. When I was young and I was out with my brothers and sisters, and we were tired and unable to control our feelings our mom would encourage us to be a little more patient because when we got home we can be comfortable and enjoy our favorite snacks and when she told us and assured us about that, we would get excited. That would be enough for us to stop complaining and look forward to going home. Our Heavenly Mother always encourages to stay strong and look forward to the kingdom of heaven. Can you imagine how wonderful the kingdom of heaven is? My mind has yet to concieve it.

  29. The way home is hard but the satisfaction you get when you get home is indescribable. Hence the saying, ‘home sweet home’ exists for a reason. Apostle Paul best explained the hardships and troubles that we endure is nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed in us.

    Romans 8:18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

    • You’re right! God the Father and God the Mother always wish that we overcome hardships or trials we face. The kingdom of heaven is the amazing beautiful place where we can’t imagine, but it’s not easy to get there. That’s why God the Mother is with us until we get there the kingdom of heaven. Thank you, God the Mother. WE LOVE YOU!


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