We can rest when we get home
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We can rest when we get home

After getting off the bus, I walk up the incline about 150 meters [500 feet] and go up about 50 steps on the stairs to get home. It’s hard for me alone to go up the stairs, but whenever I take my two kids-eight years old and five years old each-by their hands and go up, it’s doubly hard. One day, when we were about halfway, my daughter asked me, “Mom, why is it so hard to go home?” “Yes, it’s hard, but we can rest when we get home. Let’s go,” I answered. At that moment, I thought of the kingdom of heaven. It’s too much for us to get to the kingdom of heaven, by ourselves. That is why Heavenly Mother is with us.

Our True Home, the Kingdom of Heaven

With the thought that I can have eternal rest when I get to kingdom of heaven, I will run diligently to reach there, holding God the Mother‘s hand tightly. God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother thank you so much for your love. Also thank you for supporting and leading me to the kingdom of heaven, our true home.

MH Yu, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

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