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Peace And Prosperity For My Family – Christ Ahnsahnghong & Heavenly Mother (Part 2)

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It was my older son’s girlfriend. She asked us to quickly come to where she was because she had just had a car accident. She sounded very urgent. So we quickly went to where the car accident took place. The accident looked terrible. All the people who had come to take care of the accident said that the driver must have died. However, the driver, who was son’s girlfriend, was not really hurt. She only had some bruises on her forehead and legs. I remembered how I had prayed for her before I got the phone call. I told her that I had just prayed for her, and that I wanted to tell her the way to be saved from disasters anywhere and anytime.

The next morning, she came to our house as soon as the day broke. That day, she received the blessing of salvation with her younger sister. I was so amazed and thankful for the fact that God quickly gave an answer to the prayers that we had given for the salvation of other people’s souls. My son and his girlfriend are now keeping faith very firmly in God.

After receiving God, I finally found the true happiness in my life. Before, I was so busy every day, and I didn’t have peace of mind. But I’m happy every day now. Even while I’m working, when I think that God is with me, I feel very excited with thankfulness. And even when something bad happens, I can overcome it through prayers because I know that it is God’s blessing to lead me to salvation.

A few months ago, I became very sick. My legs hurt so much that I could not even walk. It was probably from working every day while standing. While praying to remove this pain quickly, I was reminded of Heavenly Father and Mother. I became sick from working for my own life, but Father and Mother spent so many years looking for us, crossing the rivers and climbing up the mountains. I became so emotional when I thought that I had become a child and received Their love and sacrifice.

After getting better, I began to preach to every customer in order to repay Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for Their love. I pray that everyone will know that we have Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother and the everlasting kingdom of heaven. My wish is that we will all go to the beautiful heavenly home together.

R. S. from Chiang Mai, Thailand

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