Just like the cactus which blooms in its time
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Just like the cactus which blooms in its time

Last year, I received a cactus plant as a gift. I named it “Puita.” Puita is a cactus full of small and dull thorns.

‘Why couldn’t it have been anything else, and not this ugly cactus…’

Because of having this thought, I felt bad. However, at that time, I was going through a bit of a hard time myself, wandering aimlessly spiritually. After receiving Puita, I became more depressed because My husband told me that I looked like Puita. When I heard this, I felt my heart break in two. I burst into tears. I felt bad and I asked him why I looked like that ugly plant. Then my husband explained to me the good points of a cactus.

“Some people don’t like the cactus because it has thorns, but its a beautiful plant because it blooms beautiful flowers in due time. And it can store much water, so it’s able to survive for a long time even without water. And it’s adaptable to any adversity such as weather changes.”

Even though it has many good points, I didn’t understand why I looked like that ugly plant.

I was the like the Cactus

One day, Puita almost fell to the ground so I grabbed hold of it tightly. When I did that, a thorn pricked my finger and it started bleeding; it was painful.

‘I just tried to protect Puita…’

At that moment, I could look back upon myself spiritually. I was covered with thorny words, arrogance and a bad temper. When the brothers and sisters approached me with love, I rather hurt them. I looked like a cactus. Realizing that I hurt the members because of my hardened heart, I cried a lot. I repented that I had not changed into a beautiful child of heaven. In no time, the cactus bloomed a brilliant red flower. It was so amazing to see how a plant covered with thorns could bloom such a beautiful flower. Just like the cactus which blooms in its time, I will try to change to resemble Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother so that I, too, will bloom beautiful results.

J S C Segundo from Madrid, Spain

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