Just like the cactus which blooms in its time
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Just like the cactus which blooms in its time

Last year, I received a cactus plant as a gift. I named it “Puita.” Puita is a cactus full of small and dull thorns.

‘Why couldn’t it have been anything else, and not this ugly cactus…’

Because of having this thought, I felt bad. However, at that time, I was going through a bit of a hard time myself, wandering aimlessly spiritually. After receiving Puita, I became more depressed because My husband told me that I looked like Puita. When I heard this, I felt my heart break in two. I burst into tears. I felt bad and I asked him why I looked like that ugly plant. Then my husband explained to me the good points of a cactus.

“Some people don’t like the cactus because it has thorns, but its a beautiful plant because it blooms beautiful flowers in due time. And it can store much water, so it’s able to survive for a long time even without water. And it’s adaptable to any adversity such as weather changes.”

Even though it has many good points, I didn’t understand why I looked like that ugly plant.

I was the like the Cactus

One day, Puita almost fell to the ground so I grabbed hold of it tightly. When I did that, a thorn pricked my finger and it started bleeding; it was painful.

‘I just tried to protect Puita…’

At that moment, I could look back upon myself spiritually. I was covered with thorny words, arrogance and a bad temper. When the brothers and sisters approached me with love, I rather hurt them. I looked like a cactus. Realizing that I hurt the members because of my hardened heart, I cried a lot. I repented that I had not changed into a beautiful child of heaven. In no time, the cactus bloomed a brilliant red flower. It was so amazing to see how a plant covered with thorns could bloom such a beautiful flower. Just like the cactus which blooms in its time, I will try to change to resemble Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother so that I, too, will bloom beautiful results.

J S C Segundo from Madrid, Spain

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I cannot even imagine how great our Heavenly Mother's love is
I know my true spiritual home country


  1. After reading this article, I have a lot of thoughts. Are there any flowers that just bloom in this world? There is not. Could all these systems and processes just happen? There is not. The flower that blooms on that little cactus is only the power of God. We can’t. And how much energy did that little cactus put into blossoming? Let’s get stronger and move forward with strength today!

  2. Amen. Very graceful fragrance of Zion. Tnx TO HEAVENLY FATHER and HEAVENLY MOTHER to change and make us a beautiful shape according to Your examples.

    • I agree that. I am like cactus having thorns. After recognizing God Elohim through the Bible, I change into step by step. Finally I realize that God Elohim really take me to the kingdom of heaven. Thanks to God Elohim.

  3. I want to become like the beautiful flower of cactus. I wanna chance myself through the God the Father and God the Mother.

  4. Now is the time to shine Elohim God’s glory around the world. We can do it while following Their teachings with all our hearts!

  5. I want to be a good gospel worker in daily life. I remember Elohim God’s voice when I took baptism. They allowed me new life as a heavenly child, saying, “Be a good prophet to people!” They will allow me many fruits in my deeds, words and gospel work.

  6. Let me tell a different story about cactus. I have ever ruined a small cactus at home because I gave it too much water. Cactus needs a amount of water as much as it could absorb. Sometimes I preached too much truth at one time to beginers, so that they never realized even one subject in the Bible. I feel very sorry.. Heavenly Mother, give me abundant wisdom for preaching to my heavenly sisters.

  7. I want to blossom like the cactus when I go back to the Heaven. It means that I will change beautifully all about me as the grace of Elohim God.

    • Me too! I always practice the teachings of Mother, so I’d like to resemble the beautiful mind of God the Mother,and share the love of God the Mother with those who are living in this world , and then go back to the beautiful kingdom of heave together.

  8. We are in the sinner’s clothes because we committed grave sins in heaven. However allowing to the grace of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, we have been given the chance to return to our Heavenly home country and have eternal life.

    • That’s right, we are in the sinful nature like a cactus who has thorns. However, we are so much blessed from God the Father and God the Mother. You know what? God the Father and God the Mother change us into being children of God through the sacrifice and love of God.

    • Amen~ I agree with you. sometimes I forget that i am a sinner.
      I will effort to follow Elohim God with a humble heart.
      Thanks to Elohim God.


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