I know my true spiritual home country
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I know my true spiritual home country

I received an invitation to the sixtieth birthday celebration of a Korean nurse in Germany. From the 1960’s to the 1980’s, the Korean government sent many miners and nurses to Germany. In order to solve its unemployment problem and earn foreign currency for themselves and their home country.

Most of the guests invited to the party were those sent together with her forty years ago. At the party, one of them wrote a letter and read it in front of all who were there. The letter read that she had worked for decades in Germany for her family and country. However, as she grew old, she felt the futility of life. Since all of them felt the same – sadness as foreigners and longing for their homeland, the party soon became a sea of tears. I, too, shed tears together with them.

God Elohim gave me realization about my home country

However all of a sudden I felt thankful to God Elohim. It was because I knew the true spiritual home country of humans who live on the earth as aliens – the kingdom of heaven, and because Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother will bring me there. I’m happy that I have my home to return together with my Heavenly Mother and Christ Ahnsahnghong.

BH Lee, Berlin, Germany

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

Just like the cactus which blooms in its time
God the Mother & Christ Ahnsahnghong watch over us


  1. I also believe in our spiritual hometown, the kingdom of heaven.
    Only those who receive the water of life can enter there.
    Thus, we must find the owner and can know it is God the mother.
    I really thank to God the mother and God the father make us enter heaven.
    I hope many people also receive the water of life and return to heaven together.

  2. Before I met Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, I thought that our life in this world was everything.
    However, through the teachings of Christ Ahnsahnghong, who came to this earth according to the prophecies of the 66 books of the Bible, I came to know that we have the kingdom of heaven, our hometown.
    Therefore, we must have the wisdom to prepare for heaven where we will enjoy eternal life, not just for the sake of this earth. I give all thanks to Father and Mother for letting us to prepare for our eternal hometown, heaven.

  3. I’m sure that I’m so blessed in this world! It’s because heavenly Parents came down to save my soul out of heaven. They came to me while I was just going after the earthly things. The love of the new covenant from Elohim God surrounded my soul and awoke me from the deep sleep. Now, I’m dwelling in Zion, looking forward to returning to heavenly home! I believe that I’ll reach my heavenly home when I keep in step with the new covenant!

  4. Our God the mother is my hometown. I want to return to my hometown soon. That glorious home awaits me. I want to return to my hometown of heaven, which is beautiful and where feasts, trips, and inspections do not cease with God the Mother.

  5. Amen~~ In this world, we are always working hard, but the reality is that there are more sadness, pain, and emptiness than happiness and joy.
    Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother made me realize a very certain future for me, who was always thinking about life, and opened the way for me to live with the correct meaning and purpose of life.
    Even though we are living the same time as other people, I am sincerely grateful to Heavenly Father and Mother for giving me the great blessing of hope and preparation for heaven.

  6. We are living in this last age which God the Father and God the Mother came to this earth in the flesh to save us according to the prophecy of the Bible. I’m happy that we can go back to our heavenly home, the kingdom of heaven with Heavenly Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  7. First of all, Give thanks and glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother who revealed us how to return to spiritual home. I wanna go to spiritual home with Heavenly Mother.

  8. Well… I also miss my spiritual hometown, Heaven and look forward to returning home. As God the Mother accopanies with me, I can wait with joy and happiness. Thanks to God the Mother for being with Your children on this earth.

  9. I also feel the same way with this article. When I was abroad, I missed my country so much. So, through this article, while I imagine the kingdom of heave we have left, I give thanks to Father&Mother.

  10. I really miss and wanna go to my hometown in Heaven. There are no more tears and sad, only having happiness, pleasure and delight, etc.

  11. I give all thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for taking my hand and leading me to the kingdom of heaven.

  12. Those who leave their hometown live a life as foreigner ,they always think about country where they were born. It couldn’t be forgotten until they die. God shows us our heavenly hometown through this example. Of course ,we longing for our spiritual home, heaven.

  13. If God the father and God the mother didn’t teach us that our true hometown which is in heaven, I could ever imagine that but thinking this world is all. Thanks to God Elohim!

  14. This artice make me miss the true haven more.whenever I think the spiritual haven which is the place we go back, It makes my heart flutter with delight and happiness. I give thanks to God the Father and God the Mother!

  15. The Bible tells us that our spiritual hometown is not on the earth but in heaven. And in this age, Father Ahnsahnghong came in the flesh and told us to follow Heavenly Jerusalem Mother til the end then we can be led into the kingdom of heaven. Thanks to God for letting me be reminded of eternal kingdom and not lose the hope for the eternal life.

    • Amen!
      Thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for letting us realize our true home and leading us there safely.
      That’s why they are our Spiritual Parents and true God since only they know spiritual world clearly.

    • Amen! God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong taught us all truth to go the way of the kingdom of heaven. And God the Mother is always with us and leads us to the haven. All thanks to God the Father and God the Mother!


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