All the little Things Fragrances

Then God the Mother hands me a spiritual calculator (Christ Ahnsahnghong – WMSCOG)

In everything, all I can say is, Thank you Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

By celebrating my 18th birthday, I was finally released from the restraints of childhood and had legally become an adult. After 18 long years I was free. However my freedom didn’t last long. My parents imbued me with the duties of being an adult and chased after me with many responsibilities; like debt collectors making good on their promise. I felt the pressure of being an adult. I was extremely frustrated and complained to my parents and went to my room to try and calm down. In this situation, there was nothing I could do. My work was piling up in front of me. I had lots of errands and lots of chores and my school workload wasn’t getting any lighter either. I was stuck between a giant wall of water in front of me and an army behind me. I felt helpless and without any hope. Then I remembered what God the Mother said in all situations; think of heaven. Think of the very first thing you want to do in the kingdom where there is no sorrow. I immediately thought, I want to calculate heavenly taxes. Since I was studying accounting, I loved crunching numbers. I wanted to count all the stars and then all the number of minute heavenly dust particles and then delve further into counting the number of atoms; their proton, neutrons and electrons in every molecule in every part of space and then every single elementary particle that has ever been created since the creation of time until the moment of ‘now’ in infinity. As I think of the number which is beyond anything humankind could count to or even concoct as a word, everything impossible about my situation seem to be lifted off my shoulders and strange enough, I feet like I have been rejuvenated.

Right then, my mom, knocks on my door every so lightly and walks in with a plate of my favorite cookies and a glass of chocolate milk. Legalistically speaking, I may have been 18 but I still felt like I was 12 and a kid again with my mom comforting me. Just like she did when I was 17 last year. I know this may seem ridiculous that I am comparing a year of my life to the difference between when I was a minor to being an adult now but I feel like this is what it’s like for me being new in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). I want to take on much responsibility like preaching to all 7 billion people in the world although I am still young and new in the new covenant. Whenever I fall onto hard times, then I dream of heaven, and can feel my God the Mother comforting me and giving me a glass of spiritual chocolate milk and encouraging me and telling me everything’s going to be alright…then She hands me a spiritual calculator and lets me get back to counting EVERYTHING in heaven. Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother thank you so much for allowing me to dream of our hometown.

DH Kim, from Seoul, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

Everthing was the grace and blessing of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother (WMSCOG)
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