God the Mother & Christ Ahnsahnghong watch over us
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God the Mother & Christ Ahnsahnghong watch over us

I want to give all glory and praise to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother, who watch over us. I visited a zoo with my daughter’s primary school. A guide at the zoo explained about various animals and insects to us. Among them, he told us a story about the meerkat. He said that each meerkat has a different skill and they work very well with others. In other words, they unite with one another well. Although they seem very chaotic there is an order to them.

One meerkat was standing at the top of a high tree. I was curious to know what she was looking at. The guide explained that the mother meerkat was watching whether any dangerous predators were coming toward her little ones. Therefore, mother meerkat focused on guarding her little children at all times. What was especially relevant was that she did not let her guard down and stood tall, watching over them and out for them.

God the Father and God the Mother watch over us day and night

God Elohim shows Their divine nature through the creation of the world. I’m sure that it was not by coincidence that I saw the meerkat but by God’s will to enlighten me about God’s love and sacrifice. Listening to the guide’s explanations, I was reminded of Heavenly Mother. She always protects us and teaches us how to go to the heavenly kingdom safely. Hence,  God the Father and God the Mother watch over us and take care of us day and night. The only thing for us to do is to obey God the Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

Topalli from Australia

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I know my true spiritual home country
I want to deliver God-given happiness to the people around me


  1. We had been under the power of the Devil before Heavenly Father came as man to save us. God the Father had to choose the painful way to save his children. If he didn’t come to this earth in second time, we might be slavery of Satan. How can we repay to his boundless love.

  2. Amen! It’s amazing to be able to understand the will of God through the creation of the world. I did know that God loves us so much. But, I didn’t think I deeply understand how God loves us. Through maternal instinct in this world, I could understand God’s love and sacrifice little by little. I give eternal thanks and honor to Elohim God, our God the Father and God the Mother.

  3. Blessed are those who believe in God the Father, God the Mother and receive Elohim God’s teachings. How do you know the evidence? The Bible is proof of that. The Bible testifies of God and the kingdom of heaven. Those who believe and follow God and keep the feasts of the new covenant are said to be saved and receive the blessings of heaven. I am truly grateful for the grace of knowing God and keeping the feasts to receive salvation.

  4. Elohim God have chosen us and called us to Zion, the city of God’s feasts, where there is gladness and joy, forgiveness of sins and the blessings of life forever more. I give all thanks and honor to Elohim God.

  5. First reading and studying the Bible, I was so surprised. Coz I realized that the Bible consists of our spiritual stories. The Bible filled with our heavenly parents’s love say that there is God the Mother, Gal 4: 29 the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother. It is awesome.

  6. Whe we are under the wings of heavenly mother, we can just go to the kingdome of heaven just as the animal can be safety in mother~~
    She always protects us till the end. Thanks to be her!

  7. When we are under the heavenly mother, we can just go to the kingdom of heaven safety just as the animal can be safety in mother^^
    She always protects us til the end.

  8. Heavenly mother always protect us within her.
    Also she has made flat ways to go well for us.
    I want to say to her “Thank you”.

  9. Oh.. Meerkat is one of the animals I am very interested in. Cats also have very strong protective instinct for their babies. They usually think their babies are more important than themselves. Webfoot octopus not only octopus also sacrifice their whole life until their babies hatch and leave away alive.
    How about Heavenly Mother? Can we imagine rightly what Her love is? I just want to know why She loves us sinners and is burnig Her life for our salvation.. Her pain is too much hard even while we live comfortably…

  10. It’s amazing tha God shows us his divine nature throught the creation God made. In the creation we can realize that God the mother always love us so much and walk sacrifice for our salvation. I truly give thanks to God the Mother♡

    • Amen~ i agree with you.
      Give eternal thanks and all glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who lead us the way of eternal life.


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