I will practice stretching out my hands first following God's example
All the little Things Fragrances

I will practice stretching out my hands first following God’s example

God the Father and God the Mother set for us an example

First I want to give all glory to Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for setting me an example and especially for giving me this precious realization.

My hands and feet are usually cold. One day, when I was rubbing my hands together, as usual, a six-year-old sister asked me,

“Auntie, are you cold?”

“No. I’m okay. Thank you for your concern.”

A little while later, I felt someone holding my hands. The little sister covered my hands the best she could with her small hands and blew her warm breath on them. Her little hands felt so warm. And she smiled brightly at me. Maybe it was her small deed or maybe it was the love of Father and Mother in her but when I looked at her, my heart filled up with warmth.

‘How many times have I stretched out my warm hands to other members?’

I was ashamed of myself that I sometimes greeted the members just habitually and formally. God poured out Their love on me unsparingly. However, I did not do as much as I was given to my loving heavenly siblings. Today I realize that you can convey love and care through a small deed full of sincerity, not just through many words. Furthermore, I must not just think about this but put it into action. From now on, I will practice giving love by approaching other members first and stretching out my hands to them first following Your example. Thank You, Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for always stretching out Your hands of love to me first.

SJ Koh, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I was able to come to Zion
I will become a spore of life


  1. First we might not be used streching out our hands to others, but practicing like that following God’s words, we can have mind to love other people naturally.
    Please do like that.

  2. It may be little hard to stretching out our hand to somebody. But God the Mother always stretchs her hand to us, even we are the sinners from heaven. Then, why not Ido like this? I will do like her. Thanks to God the Mother who is source of the Love.

  3. I have to give all thanks to Elohim God! i’m so happy. because i already know Father and Mother. i hope that many people know Elohim God.

  4. It makes me look back myself.
    Thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for awaking me through the warm fragrance.

  5. A warm article! It makes me think that one practice is better than one hundred saying. Love is not only from heart but also from acting. All thanks to Heavenly Mother for showing always how to love, how to move one’s mind.

  6. The love of heavenly mother is unlimited. We are not able to follow her way. However, even just little step we put,we realize that how much the great love of heavenly mother’s love. With sincere mind, let us practice love to our brothers and sisters.

  7. Amen! Now it’s our turn. Let us stretch out our hands to 7 billion people out there so that they can realize the great love of Elohim God and stream to Zion where Elohim God reside.

    • I will stretch out my hand even to a person passing on the street and lead them to Zion, the safe refuge, WMSCOG (World Mission Society Church of God). Everybody must have the chance to know God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  8. As God stretched out his hands to us who are sinners, we should do this to others too. God is the love entirely. Then, We have to also be the love because we are children of God!


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