I want to become a gospel teacher
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I want to become a gospel teacher

Tiredness from constant repetition of the same routine

Before my graduation, I had an internship teaching at a school for children with disabilities. When it comes to a student teacher, I used to think of a neatly dressed person. At least that’s how the student teachers looked when I went to school. Unlike my expectation, the student teachers of this special school were different from other student teachers. Especially in terms of what clothes they wore. We had to put on sportswear instead of suits in order to take care of the students with disabilities.

From the first day, as I had expected, I had to literally wrestle with the students. They couldn’t stay still even for a moment and they would scream quite frequently. I had the dream of teaching children for as long as I can remember. But because of how tired I felt every day from the constant repetition of the same routine, I felt resentment toward the students. One day, I took the elevator, feeling exhausted after wrestling with some students, as usual. Then a teacher, who forgot to bring her student with her into the elevator, let out an exclamation,

“On no, I left my daughter behind.”

At that moment, I realized why I found it so hard to take care of the students. It was because I did not treat them with the heart of a mother.

A gospel teacher who resembles God the Mother

I had received the love of Heavenly Mother in the truth. I used to think that I knew a mother’s love better than anyone else. Boy, did I have it wrong. If I had taken care of the students with a mother’s heart, I would not have felt bitter or hateful towards them even though they gave me a hard time. I feel ashamed that I completely forgot the love that I had received from Mother both physically and spiritually and just felt tired. Now I want to become a gospel teacher whose heart fully resembles that of God the Mother so that I can even take care of the hardships of my heavenly brothers and sisters. Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, thank you. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, I love You.

YJ Kim, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I will become a spore of life
With the filial love toward God Elohim