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I will be a good daughter to God the Mother and Christ Ahnsahnghong (WMSCOG)


My heart just keeps giving thanks and praise to Almighty God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

I was born in China. Ever since I left my hometown for my studies when I was thirteen, I have been living away from my parents in a relative’s home in Singapore. Whenever I call my mother, she repeatedly asks me the same question:

“How’s your school life?” “Are you eating well?” “Do you drink milk every day?” “What about fruit?” “Do you jump rope or swim regularly?”

I always say yes to her questions without any hesitation. It is because I know very well that if I don’t answer her yes, she would give me a long lecture. Actually, I do not care much about eating and I hardly do exercise, either.

Sometimes, even before she asks me, I say to her archly, “Yes, mom I eat well, drink milk and have fruit as well. And I do exercise, too.” Then she laughs and says, “You already know what I am going to say. If you are not in good health, you can’t do anything well,” and she hangs up.

Even though I answer absent-mindedly whenever my mother asks me those questions out of concern for me, I do know how great her love is for me – the words that she would repeatedly say to me thousands of times show how much she loves me. She is always concerned about me because she knows very well that I am not so diligent and do not care much about my health, either.

It is the same with the words that Heavenly Mother gives me. Her words are always the same. To me, who responds to Her carelessly, out of habit, She says to me again:

“You have to study the Word diligently.” “It is more blessed to give love than to receive.” “The glory of heaven will be given to you soon, so endure just a little bit more.”

Now I will respond to Mother with a sincere heart and put Her words into action without fail.

“Yes, Mother! I will be a good daughter to You in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) so that I can be spiritually healthy and worthy enough to enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Thank you Heavenly Father Christ <a href="http://crc gibt es viagra in der” target=”_blank”>Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

Wei, Singapore

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  1. How blessed I am!
    I will praise Heavenly Mother’s love forever with all my heart and soul.
    I want to be with Heavenly Mother forever.

  2. Heavenly mother’s sayings are good medicine for healing our spiritual diease. Sometime pills are bitter ^^.
    However, I want to be a mature child to understand Mother’s love and consideration.

  3. I give thanks to Heavenly Mother for became daughter of Her. As daughter of Heavenly Mother I will preach the love and consideration which Mother taught me to whole world.

  4. Yes.. Mothers concern chlidren more than their lmatters. This is because of ‘maternal love’. God created creatures as shadows of reality in heaven, which means that heavenly mother’s countless and devotional love is shown in maternal love of earthly mothers. We can imagine how greatful our Mother’s love is..

  5. Yes, Mother always take care of us and She didnt take rest. Thru that sacrifice we are given rest of our soul. I want to be a smile of Mother’s.

  6. How can I express what I felt thankful ,comfortable and safe from Heavenly Mother shows unceasing love , mercy and patience for this poor daughter . .I want to repay and try my best for Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and heavenly Mother ‘sacrifice and love even though I am so poor to preach and share the love to others.

    Thank you our Elohim God forever~!!

  7. I give thanks to Heavenly Mother being with me all the time through I don’t deserve to receive Your great love and mercy!
    I’d like to walk with Mother wherever She lead me to the end! I want to be a good and faithful child of God!
    May Father Ahnsahnghong and Mother bless you all brothers and sister!

  8. I will be a filial child to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother by loving my brothers and sisters in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) and carrying out the mission of the prophet preaching to 7 billion souls thruout the world.

  9. We, Elohim God’s Children should keep the words of Elohim God in our mind, bcuz none of the words of God is not related to our salvation.
    Let us make Heavenly Mother smile by obeying Her words.

  10. God’s word is an absolute guarantee that supports my faith and assures me of salvation. God the Mother have given me this great realization and granted me salvation by leading me into the truth of the new covenant. I give eternal thanks, glory and honor to Heavenly Mother!

  11. I am so happy to be loved by our Heavenly Father and Mother. I am always delighted to realize that there are God the Father and God the Mother through the Bible. The Bible is made of our stories, why we have come this earth and where we have to go back. In order to notify the truths, Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother have come here like us.
    Then, We must know and realize the truths Elohim God give to us through the Bible clearly.


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