The way to clean a stained heart was the Teachings of Mother
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The way to clean a stained heart was the teachings of Mother

Stains remain

There are many teachings in the world. But the greatest teachings are the teachings of God.

The floor in the temple had many stains. Some tiles also looked damaged. When we moved to this new temple, we did not coat the tiles right away, and because some tiles had no coating, they had stains on them.
So we made a plan to wipe off all the stains on the tiles and coat them. But to remove the stains was a lot harder than we had expected. We sat there and tried to get the stains out, but the stains remained there. It would have been better if we had coated them earlier.

Teachings of Mother

I thought about this while cleaning the floor, ‘How many old stains have I removed from my heart? How nice would it be if I could coat my heart and keep it clean?’ I found the answer right away. The Teachings of Mother! The way to clean the stained heart and to keep it from becoming dirty was the ‘Teachings of Mother’. Even though it was such a simple answer, the stains on my heart kept me from realizing this outstanding and effective method.

Remove stains from the heart

Through the sacrificial blood of the Passover, Heavenly Mother has cleansed us from the sins we committed in heaven. For our unforgiveable heavenly sins;  which no amount of wiping can remove them, God has given us the Teachings of Mother so that we would not have any more stains on our hearts. I truly give thanks to God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for leading me to the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) so I can learn the ways of God. I will try to become clean by fully obeying Mother and shine God’s glory.

SY Ha, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I want to be a reliable sister to the members of WMSCOG
Deliver the love of God Elohim


  1. Reading this enlightens my heart that this is why Heavenly Mother has come down to this earth for us, because we cannot walk properly the life of faith without God guiding us. I sincerely give thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother that They are giving me ways to cleanse me from my own deep stains through their teachings. There is no other way to be led to salvation unless by the guidance of the Spirit and the Bride, who are our saviors in the age of the Holy Spirit. With the teachings of Mother I will walk the path of the gospel diligently, while relying on Her guidance all the more.

  2. Heavenly Mother is my standard and guide in my life.
    I sincerely thank Heavenly Mother for leading this child, who is in danger of going her wrong way dozens of times a day, on her right path and granting her blessing at the end.
    In the future, as I walk the path of faith, there will be moments when I am shaken by a lot of confusion and weakness, but the criteria for all choices will be Heavenly Mother and the Kingdom of Heaven.

  3. Right! the greatest teachings are the Teachings of God.
    I will always coat with the Teachings of Elohim God so that no stain may appear in my heart.
    Give eternal thanks and glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who are always with me.

  4. Just as the teachings of the Bible are so much important, we should follow the teachings of Mother, who is our Savior in this last age.

  5. Teachings of Mother is the best way to clean all my sins and to resemble God.
    I will make every effort to put all the teachings into action!!

  6. I am grateful for this fragrance. I have many stains on my heart that have not been fully removed. I realized when I don’t practice Mothers teaching or make any effort to give love, that’s when I become spiritually sick the most and start to forget the love and sacrifice of Father and Mother. I feel determined again to follow Mothers teaching and am happy to see the result that will be produce in my heart. Thank you for sharing the fragrance of Zion. God bless you! Animo! Bear good fruit of the Spirit.

  7. Thanks to God the Mother to clean the stains of my heart. Before being born again within Heavenly Mother, my heart had been full of worldly things. There was no room for spiritual things at all. But, now, I’m looking forward to entering the kingdom of heaven with heavenly hope!

  8. I really thank to God for cleaning my dirty sins by His blood. I can’t imagine that I can’t go to heaven. Thanks to God!!

  9. It is so good for me to find enlightenment in this fragrance, i did the same thing in Zion, but i’ve never thought like this, again i realize that i am still sinner and lacking in many ways. So, without Heavenly Mother and Her teachings, i think that i can’t wholly change into heavenly child as Father and Mother wishes. Teaching of Mother is the guideline leading us to heavenly home. Thanks and honor be to Father and Mother.

  10. I have to be cleansed thr the teachings of God the Mother. I knew only myself n did not in humble n serve first the others n give love and so one. I could not explain all my foolish past. But, God-Christ Ahnsahnghong n God the Mother forgave my sins. So,i try to do all the teachings of Mother as possible as i can though i am not perfect


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