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Our Hometown is in the World of Stars – Christ Ahnsahnghong & Heavenly Mother


God bless you. I’m a member of the Church of God. I’d like to first give eternal thanks and glory to our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother and to tell you my story of how I accepted the truth. I love stars so much. I grew up in the country, so I would see many stars at night. I think I loved them more because they seemed to follow me everywhere I went. When I was a high school student, I made an astronomy club and even when I went to college, I joined the astronomy club there, put up pictures of the stars on the walls in each room, and only read books about stars. When I walked home in the dark after class, I did not feel alone because of the stars. And when I saw stars dimly set at dawn, I used to feel sad without any reason and tears would stream down my face.

Sometimes I happened to meet other mothers with children. Among them, there was one mom who had a bright look on her face. Her smile was very pretty. As usual, I was at the playground with my child. She came after parking her car and gave a big smile to my child. While we naturally exchanged greetings with each other, my eyes pleasantly lit up when I found out that her name was the same as mine. I felt comfortable with her, so I found myself calling her ‘older sister’ right away. The following day, while we had a friendly talk, I really opened up to her. Before that, I had never talked like that with anyone.

I grew up with a strong Buddhist faith. I had been in the Buddhist chorus since I was a child, and when I was in college, I was very active as a teacher for the youth. Nevertheless, my mind was always filled with unsolved questions. I couldn’t find the answer to the question about why we live on this earth which is like a speck of dust and not in the vast world of the universe through Buddhist scriptures. After I got married and gave birth to a life, every time I thought about how the end of life is death, I felt that life was even more in vain and meaningless, so much to the point that I didn’t keep my faith anymore.

“The answers to your questions are in the Bible.” I started to study the Bible. Every single word of God was amazing to me, so as soon as I listened to the words of God, I almost had a ‘Eureka’ moment but after I heard that a senior I knew from back in my school days, slandered the church of God, I gave up studying the Bible. Ever since then, I could never get the sad look in her eyes out of my mind because I could feel her sincerity from her actions when she begged me to study the Bible just one more time and prayed for me.

‘It wasn’t about just adding more members’

I opened my mind again and continued to study the Bible. First I made up my mind not to follow people’s views and opinions, the words of the Bible were easy to understand. I was surprised at the fact that the Bible says that God created not only this earth that we live in but also all the stars floating in space. And my heart was about to burst with joy at the fact that Almighty God is our spiritual parents of our souls, and if God is with me, I have nothing to envy in this world.

The day when I attended a service, my husband who was on night duty, called me and asked me where I was. As soon as I told him I was at the Church of God, he lost his temper because he was a stronger Buddhist that I was, so much that he prayed to Buddha in the morning, at night and even when he got into the car. He works as a detective, so he has often seen Christians involved in various crimes and this has made him view churches in a negative light. I didn’t think there was any other way except being honest so, I talked to him in a calm and composed manner. “I believe that the kingdom of heaven must exist. If heaven exists, I really want to go to heaven with you.”

Suddenly, I don’t know why but my eyes teared up. I didn’t say anything more and hung up the phone. After 10 minutes, he called me again and said that he was really sorry for being mad at me for no reason and would go to the church at least once. Seeing my husband, I was able to realize and really feel the words of God about God choosing us before the creation of the world and that all the children of God will come to God. My husband came to Zion on the Sabbath day and the moment he listened to the words, he became a child of God immediately. He said that his heart completely melted as soon as he read the verse that said “he suspends the earth over nothing (Job 26:7)”

I had mixed feelings over what he said about realizing the principle of our souls and the order of nature through the Bible. As a college student, I met my husband in the astronomy club. I had traveled to India and the African desert just to look at stars and my husband loved the stars as much as I did. When we went to the astronomical observatory, we’d gaze at the stars like watching falling rain together and talked about the existence of another world in the vast universe, and we both were even moved to tears.

“My goodness, our hometown is in the world of stars”

We often say this expression. The vast universe is our hometown, and we want to become the stars shining the great love of our heavenly parents who loved us so much that They came down to this earth from a place very far away, forever and ever.

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

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