There is no body part that is not important
All the little Things Fragrances

There is no body part that is not important

We are one body in Christ and all parts are equally important. So there is no body part that is not important.

One day, my pinky finger became bent and would not straighten out. Since I had no pain and it was just my little finger, I did not pay attention to it. After a month, however, my middle finger too, began to show the same symptom. And this time, I felt the pain. The pain spread to my wrist and I had problems typing on my computer, not to mention turning doorknobs. Only then did I go to see a doctor.

The doctor diagnosed me with “Trigger Finger” which is a common disorder that results in the snapping of the tendons. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had to have surgery for it! Of course, I thought, since it’s a small body part the surgery would be over quickly. However, contrary to what I expected, the preparation for the surgery seemed uncommon. On top of that I had to be put under general anesthesia. When I awoke from the anesthetic, my hand was all bandaged. When the effect of the anesthetic wore off, my hand swelled up badly and the pain got worse. That night, I could not sleep at all due to the pain.

No Body Part is Useless; All are Important

The little baby finger (pinky) is less than one percent of my body. Naturally, I didn’t pay attention to it, thinking that the discomfort in my little finger would not cause a big problem. As a result, my baby finger condition worsened and I had to have surgery unexpectedly. If I had had a problem on another part of my body such as the arm or the leg which I regarded as more important, I would have gone to the hospital much sooner.

There is no body part that is not important. It is the same with us who are all part of God Elohim. Even though each of us has a different role in the life of faith, every role or function is necessary and important; we cannot say that one role is more important and another is less important. I will regard as precious my brothers and sisters who are making efforts to preach the gospel in their given position or situation, as parts of the same body. Also, I will love them as I love myself. Thank you Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for this precious realization.

SH Park, Germany

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

My duty is to reflect the light of Father and Mother
I will express my love for Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother