Month: May 2015

God the Mother prophecy2

The History of Abraham’s Family – (WMSCOG)

The History of Abraham’s Family – teachings from the World Mission Society Church of God   The Bible records about the history of Abraham’s family. If the Bible is a book that leads us to salvation (John 5:39), why did…

All the little Things Fragrances

The Message of Hope in Despair

One day if your loving family suddenly disappears as the result of a disaster: be it an earthquake, volcano, typhoon, hurricane, tsunami, etc, you’d probably live in despair day by day thinking about your lost loving family member(s): your wife,…

What is Important in this Last Age?

Time just flies. It’s already May and the weather is getting hotter these days. Many areas are now experiencing unusual weather phenomena. From time to time but not always, the highest temperatures are well up to the thirties, which in…

All the little Things Fragrances


Last weekend I went to the cinema in the downtown area with my husband. He’s a nurse at the general hospital but these days he’s got a lot of stress so I just wanted to relieve his stress in anyway….