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My little kid

My little kid – realizing Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother‘s love

He arrived at my house when he was only four months old.

It’s strange but he seemed to know that this was his home Home-iconis here from the first day we met. His eyes are green like emerald Emerald. He likes people but he won’t cozy up to them without me.

When I’m beside him, he’s brave and very cheerful. He’s two years old now – my cat, Simo.


I made many mistakes bringing him up but that’s only because I haven’t ever had a cat as a pet before.

So…he got sick. Two weeks ago, he was diagnosed with esophagitis. Whenever I tried to get him to eat his medicine, he would scratch me with his claws. But I fed him his medicine when it was time for him to take it. That, of course, made me think of heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

For our salvation they are always concerned about our spirits and they get hurt countless times because of our ignorance, disobedience and jagged personalities… I wouldn’t have been able to get over the sickness of my soul without Their sacrifice and earnestness. I am so sorry and also thankful at the same time to our Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for Their loveheart and care.

Now, all is well, Simo is recovering.

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  1. There are many souls suffering from sins in this world.
    That’s why Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother came down to this earth for treating them.
    Let us take the New Covenant which Heavenly Parents gave us as a prescription medicine and be reborn as the children of God.

  2. When I was young, my father loved to raise the animal, especially pets, but he was like the animal hoarder. Even though I was living in the big city, there were a lot of animals in diversity.
    The pigeons more than two hundreds, the peacocks, the peahens, the turkeys, the rabbits, the ducks, the turtles, fish, parrots, birds, the cats and the dogs, etc, all kinds of pets filled with the backyard.
    However my mom was in charge of taking care of all the animals, not father. She fed them on time and cleaned up the pet-house everyday. There was not enough time to take good care of her own children, she was enforced to raise pets – it was almost the animal farm – and working her tail off, feeling hurt on her back.
    It is not easy to bring up ‘A cat’, how much more painful she felt while dealing with them? It reminds me of Heavenly Mother to take good care of 144,000 children. She doesn’t have the time to look after Herself, because of us who go astray of our own way. Jerusalem Mother is like the strong supporter only forward children and lavish unlimited love on us. All thanks and praise be to God the Father and Heavenly Mother for the highest, deepest, broadest and greatest love.

  3. Parents may be sad and feel sorry for their children who are sick.
    They will do everything if their children could get well.
    Like this, Heavenly parents, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother give us the Passover that is a medicine of Life.
    Let us keep the Passover and remove our sins of death and become healthy children spiritually!

  4. I had raised a dog that had been suffered from ear disease.
    When I gave a medicine to the dog, it shook its ear and rejected to eat the medicine.
    Maybe, it doesn’t know my heart was broken.
    Likewise, God the Mother was heartbroken because of our fault.
    From now on, I will understand Mother’s heart and forgive the fault of my heavenly brothers and sisters.

    Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

  5. Seeing Simo’s story, though the owner gave it a medicine to cure its illness, it scratched its owner with his claws.
    I think owner was in a hard time and felt disgusting.
    When I think this in a spiritual aspect, though Heavenly Father and Mother have given us their flesh and blood to cure our spiritual diseases, I have always given God loads of sin more and more because of my disobedience and arrogance.
    I am so sorry about them…
    I will always thank to God who has given love and sacrificed for our soul.

  6. One day I saw a little boy begging his mom to give a sharp knife.
    Mom never allows him play with that knife because it is too dangerous for kid playing with it, but the kid who don’t know anything wept and wept with grizzling.
    Now I realize that I’m a same kid.
    I can’t even imagine how much Heavenly Father and Mother have worried about me.
    I will be a trustworthy son who will not make Heavenly Father and Mother who take care of us all the time be worried anymore.

  7. It is a quite short but a beautiful story.
    Sacrifice, Patience and Love… I’ve got none of them.
    Even though it is who I am, God has given me the love and patience, and has sacrificed for me.
    As Seawind was feeling pain when Simo was sick, how much more painful would God be? when I was spiritually sick.
    I give thanks to Elohim God who concerns of me even at this very moment.

  8. The cat must be very special for you. Like that, our Heavenly Parents are the same. Although there may have been difficult times to us, we can smile with the thought that Heavenly Parents are with us. Even though the world does not recognize us, since Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother acknowledge us as Their loving children, we are always a very important person(VIP) in the kingdom of heaven. God does not leave us alone to be lonely.

  9. This article reminds me of the sacrifice and the love of God the Father and Mother.
    God the Father and Mother came down to the earth and have sacrificed Themselves to save this sinner.
    Father and Mother give me full of love and grace though I am a sinner, so I could come to the way of salvation.
    For this, I give thank to God the Father and Mother.

  10. It’s the same case to us.
    we are sinners from heaven. Because of our sins, we become ill. Because of bitter taste, we deny the medicine which will make us better. Even though we do that, Christ Ahnsahnghong who is our heavenly Father and God the Mother give us the medicine.
    Therefore, I give thanks to God the Father and Mother and feels Their great love.

  11. Every night, I decide to be faithful to Heavenly Parents!
    Nevertheless, I used to forget my decision in daily life while seeking what is temporary.
    I’m so thankful to Heavenly Parents who allow me another chance to be faithful to Them!

  12. Because the cat ‘Simo’ didn’t know what was given for him, he couldn’t realize the master’s efforts for his health rather hurt his master. You can say that it is because the cat is just a silly animal but actually we are also same. We are sinners who didn’t know the truth and didn’t believe in God, rather persecuted him even though God has always tried to give us salvation. However, even if we have terribly hurt God, God has gone through the path of great sacrifice because we are the children of God. I give thanks to our God having infinite mercy.

  13. When I first realized Elohim God and got a faith, I was very happy. But, When I looked back on my life of faith, I’m very ashamed of me who thought that God’s love given us was natural, and I didn’t give thanks to God in every situation. I truly give thanks to our spiritual Parents who have been trying to wash away our sins through the Feasts of God and heal our soul with the words of life.

  14. He looks just so calm and peaceful just like we are in peace in the arms of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. I am now trying to look back on me whether I scratched the love of Father and Mother and even our spiritual brothers and sisters in God. Thanks for posting this gracious article, Seawind!:)

  15. This is a beautiful story. Especially the part when you tried to get him to eat his medicine but he scratched you instead. Kinda feels like how we act towards our parents. Not only when we’re sick but in our lives, they try to lead us down the right path and sometimes when we do bad they scold us and punish us. But that’s the medicine of life isn’t it! However, we don’t take it very well do we? We resent, despise even hate them for the good that they are teaching us… When I look back on my life I don’t think I would’ve noticed how prodigal I was until I was led to the World Mission Society Church of God (wmscog). With all the love that I was given I was able to realize just how much I hurt my parents when they were trying to make a better person. I can’t help but give all thanks, praise, glory and honor to Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Heavenly Mother for their love and grace. Funny how a small story like this can help us realize the great love of God Elohim. God bless you Seawind!

  16. Our God always takes care of our souls with God’s great love and sacrifice. I give thanks to Heavenly father ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother.

  17. That is gorgeous indeed. I really want a cat! But got no time to take care of him. Too bad. Anyways, at least I can feel “contentment” with Simo. Looking forward for your next post. God bless you seawind.

  18. That is one gorgeous looking Russian blue. Wow… A cat model, I should say. I also realize Father Ahnsahnghong and our Heavenly Mother’s love through my children. I really think that God has given us precious lives for us to realize Their true love and grace. How amazing is Their love that we cannot describe with words. Love that no one can realize unless They dwell in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). God bless you seawind for sharing your wonderful fragrance with us.

    • His pure eyes make me love him all the more. But our God Ahnsahnghong and Mother, who are sinless, love us sinners with all their heart and their mind…..Yes you’re right, i couldn’t realize the greatest and most true love until I was in the WMSCOG. Truly I give thanks to God.
      Thank you Beckie for helping me to think about love. God bless you!!

    • That’s right, unless we are in the truth (wmscog) we can never realize the love of God, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother! I can’t wait till all the world comes rushing into the arms of Heavenly Mother! Then it’s off to see our Father, our wonderful Father above (with our Mother of course)!

      God bless you!


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