Mother asked us to put "considerate love" into practice
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Mother asked us to put considerate love into practice

As children of God Elohim we must put ‘considerate love‘ into practice.

“You can gain trust from other people when you do what they like rather than what they hate.”

This is a saying in a commercial that appears frequently on TV these days. No matter how good something is, if others do not like it, it can cause them discomfort. In my case, too, I judged others by my own thoughts too often. Also I acted in whatever way I thought right, rather than considering their situation. When their reaction differed than what I expected, I even felt disappointed. Now I realize that I can build up trust with others when I always put myself in their shoes, carefully consider what pleases them, and act accordingly.

The reason for considerate love

I think I have started to understand why God the Mother asked us to put “considerate love” into practice. Instead of acting as if only my thoughts are correct, I will love each and every member, considering their own situation. This is the way of the gospel which God Elohim is pleased with. I pledge myself to walk the path of faith that pleases God the Mother and God Ahnsahnghong and other members, not a method of the gospel that just satisfies me.

MS Cho, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong


Let me do what God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother wants me to do.
I was chosen by God the Father and God the Mother; the Potters