All the little Things Fragrances

I was chosen by God the Father and God the Mother; the Potters

All glory be to our Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother; the Heavenly Potters.

People jump in their sleep when it comes to things they like. In my case, I leap to my feet when it comes to ‘clay.’ I love to make pottery with clay. So much in fact, that I even joined the activities of a pottery club during my lunch break at work.

The Pottery Process

Let me introduce the whole process of making pottery. The first step is to mix clay with water and let all the impurities sink to the bottom. This step is called ‘elutriation’. After this process, you need to knead the clay and get it ready for use on the potter’s wheel, and form a pot out of clay on the turning wheel. After drying it for a while, trim the excess from the bottom and carve about a foot out. To make the pot strong and hard, there remains the important process-that is the baking process. The pot is baked in a kiln at temperatures of 800-900 degrees Celsius (1472-1652 degrees Fahrenheit) and then again at 1200-1300 degrees Celsius (2192-2372 degrees Fahrenheit) after glaze is applied. The final product is a pot with a glossy surface.

God the Father and God the Mother; the Potters, Refine Us

On a rainy day when I was making pottery, sweating profusely, I came to look back upon myself. A lump of clay, trampled on the ground can become a good strong vessel when the potters hands filter out and refine it. It must also endure extremely high temperatures after going through the shaping and glazing process. God Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, the Potters; chose me as a vessel for noble purposes. I want to be a good vessel that is refined to have firm faith, by filtering out evil thoughts, smoothing out the rough edges and always being armed with the word of Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, according to the providence of God Elohim who are my Potters.

Though it has not been so long since I was led to Zion through my wife, I will be an evangelist who willingly carries out the mission of preaching the gospel whether it is cold or hot, just as I enjoy making pottery.

BR La, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

Mother asked us to put considerate love into practice
My duty is to reflect the light of Father and Mother