To the Place Where There Is No Parting
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To the Place Where There Is No Parting

Living apart from mom

Being apart from family is hard. We all want to be at a place where there is no parting. I’m back home now, but the touching emotion I get from the video I watched in Zion still overwhelms me. I saw the overseas members say goodbye to God the Mother before they went back to their respective countries after a short visit to Korea. Then, I remember the time when I lived apart from my mom for a while, and I get all emotional.

No mom, No comfort

My mom did not live together with my family from when I was 2nd grade middle school until I graduated. Our family’s financial situation was bad. So, there was no other way but for her to Seoul and make money. The house without my mom was comfortable no more.

Stay away from home as much as I can

Before, I used to go straight home as soon as school finished. However, since my mom, who used to wait for me and welcome me, wasn’t at home, I didn’t feel like going there even after school. I often took the bus and stayed on it until it arrived at the last stop. I would go home when it got dark outside. When summer vacation came, I was able to go and meet my mom with my dad and my younger sister. As it had been such a long time since we last met each other, we spent a joyful and meaningful time, talking about school and my friends.

The time together goes by so quickly and it’s time to say goodbye

Three hours went by so quickly, and it was already time to say goodbye to my mom. Tears welled up in my eyes. She patted me on the back and said,

“Mom will be happy if her daughter sends her off with a smile. If you cry, your younger sister will also cry, right? Then, mom will be so sad.”

I bit my tongue and tried to hold back my tears, and got on the bus. But my younger sister, who was right behind me, got off the bus and ran towards our mom who was standing far away. She held our mom by the arm, and said with tears,

“Mom! Please come with us. Please! Let’s go home together!”

Moms encourages us no matter what

Then our mom calmed her down and asked her to wait a little more, saying that she would come home in five days. But my little sister still would not let go of her arm. When the bus was about to leave, my dad and I had to force my sister to let go of our mom.  When the bus was slowly leaving, my mom knocked on my window, and said to me in a loud voice,

“Take good care of your little sister. Don’t quarrel with her, okay? You have to be like a mom to her, you know?”

The Kingdom of Heaven where there’s no parting

My mom was standing on that spot, waving her hands until our bus left the bus terminal.
The year and a half in my child-hood without my mom were so hard and painful. My sister and I wanted no parting from mom. My mom must have had a harder time that we did. I can’t imagine how much pain Heavenly Mother must have been in for such a long time, 6,000 years, being separated from Her children.

My experience makes me preach harder

Because I have the experience of parting in my childhood, I can understand very well how sad the brothers and sisters must feel when they have to say goodbye to Heavenly Mother. I earnestly pray that all our loving heavenly family members will soon live together in the kingdom of heaven where there is no parting anymore. Until that day, I will preach Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother and find all my lost brothers and sisters who are wandering aimlessly throughout the world.

MR Mun, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

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