All the little Things Fragrances

Everthing was the grace and blessing of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother (WMSCOG)

There is no way to fully express the gratitude I feel towards Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for everything they have done for me.

“Mom, can’t we just stay home?”

Whenever my children grumbled like this, I would raise my voice and urge them to hurry up. This was what happened in my house every Sunday.

I was born Christian. But I always felt so ashamed of that fact. Although I attended church for more than 30 years, I had no idea if God really exists, if there is a heaven, or why I should go to church. As I was full of those questions and doubts, I always went to church with a heavy heart, and I was quite often late for worship. I wanted to learn about the Bible, but I was not eager to put it into action. I was very busy going back and forth between my store and home every day, just like running a rat race.

On an ordinary day, some people came into my store. They were from a church.

“We’ve come from Bundang to preach; we are not having a preaching festival for the Feast of Tabernacles.”

“Feast of Tabernacles?”

At the unfamiliar words “Feast of Tabernacles,” I stopped what I was doing and listened to them. What they preached to me was amazing, but I soon forgot about it because of my busy everyday life. After studying with them a few more times, I thought that I should study the Bible properly and carefully. The more I learned, the more amazed I became. When I found the answer to the questions about life after death, which I could never get an answer to, I even felt marvelous. Being freed from the fetters of life that had always made me jump up and down, I was finally able to see a new hope.

As I was convinced of the fact that there is our true home – our eternal refuge – where we must go back, I thought that I shouldn’t go there alone. So I preached this good news to my husband and children. My husband received the promise of a new life with gratitude, saying, “I think we have to follow whatever the Bible says.” I was even bewildered to see how quickly he received the truth. My two daughters, who didn’t like to go to church before, now excitedly say that they want to go to Zion quickly whenever the Sabbath day comes.

I also preached to my second oldest sister who was living a hard life, as I was when I did not know about heaven. She received the truth, and now she is diligently studying the Bible.

All this was the grace and blessing of God. I just delivered the heavenly hope that filled my heart, and God opened wide the hearts of those who listened.

I pray that my burning heart will not be just like an aluminum pot that gets hot easily and cools down quickly. I want to receive the strength of faith from Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, clinging to Them with perseverance until the end like Jacob, so that I can go back to heaven.

GS Im form Yeoju, Korea

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