Father and Mother protect us as the apple of Their eye
All the little Things Fragrances

Father and Mother protect us as the apple of Their eye

To protect the fig tree from birds

Every Father and Mother want to protect their child like the apple of Their eye. It is no different with God. I give thanks to God Elohim for allowing me to share this fragrance and giving me a great realization. Around this time last year, there was a fig tree in the garden of the house my family had moved into. At that time, the tree had a lot of fruit on its branches because it was the season for figs. As the figs began to grow ripe, emitting a sweet smell, I realized that there were some unwelcomed guests. Every day, Brown-eared Bulbul birds perched down on the fig tree and enjoyed the figs to their hearts’ content.

Father and Mother protect our souls

It was the same, this year. One Sunday morning, at the sound of the birds’ chirping I hurriedly went out mainly due to the fact that I feared they would eat all the figs. Brown-eared Bulbul birds were pecking at and eating the figs which had not even grown ripe yet. Bringing out a fly swatter, I drove them away. The next day too, they were eating the figs, making chirping noises. I had had enough. So my husband and I covered each and every single fruit some fly net. We also fixed them securely with clothespins.

Since then, although the birds came to the fig tree for a couple of days, however after that, they no longer came. Probably because they realized that they could not eat the fruit. Now the figs are growing ripe with any problems. Although a fig tree produces sweet and delicious fruit, without the owner’s labor to protect them, no fruit is safe. I’ve realized how thankful it is to have Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother protect us like the apple of Their eye. God the Father and God the Mother even forget Their sleep and rest to protect us. Father and Mother are the owners of our souls. Since Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother keep us safe, I want to grow up and become a good fruit that pleases God with the joy of harvest.

SD Kang, Korea

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

I will safely arrive at the destination
I want to be a reliable sister to the members of WMSCOG


  1. They always protect us and be with us so we don’t have to worry about what we do.
    Sisters and brothers, never forget god the mother and father are around us!!

  2. I give all thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who gave us the forgiveness of sin and eternal life thru New Covenant Passover with Their great sacrifice and Love. I will do my best in return for Heavenly Father and Mother’s hard work and love.

  3. The expression, protecting like ‘apple of God’s eyes’ means that god protects us anytimes, anywhere and any-situation. Another meaning of apple of one’s eye is that the most loving person or most precious person. I give eternal thanks and praise to God!

  4. Give thanks to gardener who is our Father Ahnsahnghong.
    And give glory to our Mother Jerusalem who give us water of life.
    Without Your protecting and caring no one can not be good fruit.

  5. Heavenly Mother always has kept her eyes fixed to their children who should return to Heaven. That’s why She cannot obtain any rest in this city of spiritual refuge. Let me payback Heavenly Mother’s love and sacrifice.

  6. My Farmers for my soul are Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. Satan like a bird always watches a chance to eat souls of God’s children. But my Farmers are stronger and smarter enough to keep us from it. Let’s follow and rely on our Protectors who are Saviors of our souls more eagerly and without changable faith.

  7. Fathers and mothers always protect their children no matter what. It’s because the flesh and blood on the children, are the flesh and blood of the parents. Because of this, there is no parent who does not love their child more than themselves. This is the main reason we can always see parents sacrifice themselves in order to save their children. Children are like miniature copies of the parents. This principle can also be found in the love of God to Their children. Through the New Covenant Passover, we receive the body and blood of Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, who are almighty God and become Their children. That’s why we are under Their protection. No matter if a there is a great disaster at our side, or an even greater disaster to our right side, they will all pass over us because we have Elohim God’s flesh and blood flowing through our veins so Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother will never let any harm come to us. Our parents protected us while we were under their care how much more does God protect us now, that we are under Their eternal care. Let’s give all thanks, praise, glory and honor to our Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for bringing us into the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) and keeping us safe from all harm. And let us lead our lost brothers and sisters to the truth so we can please our parents and go back to our heavenly home country.

  8. Father and Mother never take a rest, protecting and guiding us to the right path at all times. Only God could show us such a perfect love and we should not take it for granted.


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