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No Butter Banana Muffins

No Butter Banana Muffins – Only takes 5 minutes to stir



1 & 3/4C Flour (all purpose)

3/4C Sugar

1tsp Baking Powder

1tsp Baking Soda

1/2tsp Salt

1tsp Nutmeg (You can use cinnamon or just eliminate)


1 Egg

1/2C Oil (I used canola)

1/C Plain Yoghurt

1tsp Vanilla extract

2 Bananas (I thawed two frozen ones)


1/C Raisins (you can take this out if you don’t like them and substitute with other ingredients)

**Preheat your oven to 350℉ (180℃)**

Banana muffins 0 Banana muffins 1 Banana muffins 2 Banana muffins 3 Banana muffins 4

1. Add all dried ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, nutmeg) into one bowl.

Banana muffins 5 Banana muffins 6 Banana muffins 7

2. Add all wet ingredients (egg, oil, bananas, yoghurt) into another bowl.

Banana muffins 8 Banana muffins 9

3. Mix the dried and wet ingredients together (don’t overmix!).

Banana muffins 10

4. Add raisins (didn’t have enough oh well.. You can add walnuts, chocolate chips, coconut, is all yours).

Banana muffins 11

Banana muffins 12

5. Grease your muffin pan and fill them with the batch. If you have liners, you can use them.

6. Bake for 23~25 minutes.

7. After it’s done, take the muffin pan out and leave it in there for at least five minute.

Of course, you can poke them and see if they’re done.

Banana muffins 13

8. Take them out and enjoy!

Banana muffins 14


Banana muffins 15


yumyumbananamuffin Lacey’s munching on one of them.

Bake these no butter muffins and get yourself healthy.

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  1. Even I read the recipe again and again, I can not try to make the cookies. But if I try once, then not fear again. But the first time, the first time how try?

  2. What a gorgeous recipe it is! Thank you for sharing your information and encourage us to challenge for cooking.
    Thanks to you, it will be a nice dinner with some guests and I can improve my cooking skill. I will be very satisfied to feed on the spiritual food as well as physical food; a delicious bread – No Butter Banana Muffins.

  3. They look great! !
    Yummy yummy banana muffins~~. I am definitely going to make it. Thx for the recipe. It doesn’t seem so hard.

  4. God bless you! Thank you for this recipe! I love baking and I can’t wait to make these for my Zion; coming from another sister will just make them so much more special. This site has everlasting spiritual food, and physical food to fuel our gospel work and bring us closer together. Only in Zion is this possible. God bless you, sister Lacey! Thanks to Father and Mother!

  5. Parece tan bueno, también tenemos deliciosos postre como esto en México.
    Dios la bendiga mucho!

  6. You’re very talented!! Muffins you made look so healthy and nutritious. So, I want to recommand its recipe to my neighbors especially who have a baby, and I too want to make it right now!!!:)

  7. I should cut down on butter b/c butter has a lot of calories. so I think that this helps me losing weights, Thanx for sharing.

    • I seriously love butter, but nowadays I’m trying to stick with healthy light recipes. God bless you!

  8. Wow, I never thought that I will need oven even one time but after saw this pictures my mind totally changed! right now I eagerly want to have that nice cooker!

    • Yeah, I love raisins. I wished if I had more it would have made a perfect muffin. All thanks to Father and Mother.

  9. Oh! I will try it this weekend!
    I am poor hand at cooking…but It looks simple to making and delicious! Thank u for sharing your tip!

  10. Wow! It looks taste good! However, I am not able to make this muffin because it looks difficult a little bit.

  11. I was researching a healthy and tasty dessert, so I will try this! Thank you for good information~

  12. The muffins look so scrumptious. How do you cook so well? I think you are a chef extraordinaire. If you want to send some my way…he he

    • Ah…Thanks for your compliment. Nooo. I can’t be a chef, but an amateur one. LOL I wish I can send you some.

    • Thanks to Father and Mother. Kids just love muffins, don’t they? I’ll post more “no butter” recipes if your children are with dairy or lactose intolerance.


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