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I Follow Christ Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother (WMSCOG)

All glory and praise be to our King of kings and LORD of lords, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

This happened when I went backpacking in Europe.

Flocks of sheep and herds of cattle were peacefully grazing here and there in the wide open grassland. Then a flock of sheep came close to me with their jingling bells, and constantly lifted their heads towards me. After staying around me for a while they started to climb up the mountain path in a line. A white lamb in front, which seemed like the leader of the flock, occasionally stopped to watch me who was following their group.

‘I am really being led by a lamb.’

My curiosity aroused, and I kept following the flock as if I had been a part of them. Finally, when we crossed over the peak, an extensive open grassland was spread out, where numerous flocks of sheep were gathered together peacefully. A few days later, I visited the Frankfurt Church in Germany. Even though I visited the Church for just a little while as a tourist, the brothers and sisters there treated me with sincerity. When I was wandering around like a lost sheep, being away from home, the brothers and sisters gave me the warmth of love and comfort like that of God the Mother’s embrace. Their love served as a momentum for me to come closer to God again after I returned to Korea.

When I was wandering around aimlessly, Elohim who is the Lamb did not leave me alone but led me to the beautiful flock of sheep full of love. I give eternal thanks to my Shepherd Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother forever and ever.

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