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Love of Heavenly Mother

Faith to Ahnsahnghong

Unconditional Love of God the Mother

Though I need to be severely scolded for what I’ve committed in heaven,

Mother never does.

Thought I need to be severely mocked and ridiculed from the heavenly angels for what I’ve committed in heaven,

Mother never allows them to.

Though my sins are surely piled up which Mother must be ashamed of,

Mother always embraces me and praises me with Her unconditional Love.

Mother always believes in me,

She never says that I’m a failure,

She thanks this foolish child for just staying in Her embrace.

How much love does this sinner need to perfectly change into the love of Heavenly Mother?

Every single day I pray,

Mother, please forgive me for what I’ve committed in heaven.

Mother, please transform me into your Love that can also embrace my brothers and sisters.

Even though their sinful habits might be thorns in my heart,

I will surely follow the Love of our Heavenly Mother.

I will embrace them until they realize the Love of our Heavenly Mother.

Just like how Mother embraced me, I also will embrace them.

I love you Mother.

The Love of Heavenly Mother - God the Mother


Faith to Ahnsahnghong


With Christ Ahnsahnghong on our side, who can stop us?
My family found true happiness by attending the Church of God


  1. Eternal and unlimited love is true love. From Heavenly Mother comes and flows the true love to Her heavenly children. Our souls can’t live without Mother’s love. It is, so to speak, the life and medicine for spiritual death.

  2. God the Mother never forgot me. She took care of me restlessly so that I could become a mature child. I give thanks to God the Mother who love me silently and wait for me patiently until I reach to the kingdom of heaven.

  3. The word “mother” touches my heart whenever I hear it. When i’m happy, sad, sick or even heartbroken, whatever situation I’m in, thinking of my mother keeps my heart warm and cheers me up. Though I sin again and again, our Mother always says its okay and lets go to heaven holding my hands. How can I ever repay this unconditional love. Thank u for being my mother.

  4. Though I’m not worthy of being love,God the Mother loves me with endlessness. She encourages me always when i’m weak. So,i have to repay back to her n serve with my heart n mind.Thank u, Mother~!!

  5. Although our Mother is God who is worthy to receive glory and honor forever, She have come to this earth in the flesh to save us sinners. Through this fact, we are able to see how great God the Mother’s love for us is. Thanks you for sharing a good article. God bless you.

  6. Heavenly Mother always loves me so much regardless of whether I am a somebody or am not, did something or did not for Her, because She is truly my Mother.
    Thanks to Heavenly Mother for giving me your unconditional love, i am nobody though….

  7. Without Her love, we can never even hope for surviving even a little, a second. We deserve death penalty because of our grave sins. She is “LOVE” for these mere sinners. Love that can actually transform these filthy sinners into beautiful heavenly beings. All thanks and glory be to our Heavenly Mother forever and ever.

  8. How imagine the depth of mother’s love?
    How imagine the height of mother’s love?
    Mother’s love is pain and suffer for her children.
    How can we repay her sacrifice.
    Thank you Mother.

  9. Heavenly Mother is our God who is almighty, omnipotent and omnipresent. And She knows everything; whatever we think, do and even when we commit sins. Despite that, She teaches us with enduring patience, embracing us in Her warm love until we realize and repent of our sins. We want to become the mature children who fathom Mother’s endless sacrifice and love and practice filial piety toward Our Mother. We are happy and full of joy being with Heavenly Mother now.

    Isa 66:10 “Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad for her, all you who love her; rejoice greatly with her. For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance.”

      • me too. That’s a wonderful verse. It truly shows us the love of God the Mother. Truly World Mission Society Church of God is the only place with the Spirit and the Bride, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

    • “REJOICE” because Heavenly Mother is our Mother. “REJOICE” because She is here on this earth with us. “REJOICE” for all the gracious, cherishing moments in our lives… The grace of our Heavenly Mother.

  10. In good times and bad I can always feel Heavenly Mother’s love around me like a protective covering making sure I am ok and able to overcome whatever situation I’m in. God the Mother embraces us with Her love unconditionally so we can grow up spiritually healthy and strong. Thank you Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Mother Jerusalem for you untiring love and grace.

    • Amen, The fact that Heavenly Mother really exists and is with me now makes me feel easy and happy, cuz I know that She will never ever leave me, and surely will help me.


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