Christ Ahnsahnghong Prophecies

The Feasts of Christ Ahnsahnghong

      The Seven Kinds of Feasts in Three Times of Christ Ahnsahnghong   Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the New Covenant Feasts and established the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) as the sole place where they can be celebrated….

The City of Refuge and the Earth

How much do you know about your soul? Our God has hidden the long and deep story of our souls in the law of the city of refuge. The law is as follows: Numbers 35:9~32 Then the LORD said to…

Christ Ahnsahnghong Coming on the Clouds Prophecies slider

How can Ahnsahnghong be God? Whom does the Bible testify about?

Truth – Whom Does the Bible Testify about? (WMSCOG)   “Ahnsahnghong cannot be God. You can’t make Ahnsahnghong God!” “We believe in Christ Ahnsahnghong as God since He is testified in the Bible.” “The world doesn’t even recognize that man….

There are too many false Christs in this world! Why is the Korean man “Ahnsahnghong” the Christ?

How can we know if “Ahnsahnghong” is the true Chirst? As the Bible tells us that there will be many false Christs in these last days, how is it possible for us to discern the true One from the false…

Christ Ahnsahnghong Fig tree Prophecies

When will the Second Coming Christ come? Ahnsahnghong? (WMSCOG)

When will the Second Coming Christ come? – Prophecy about Christ Ahnsahnghong (WMSCOG)   The Lesson from the Fig Tree – The Time of Christ Ahnsahnghong‘s coming If I told you that Jesus had already come again with a New…

Prophecies Tree of Life

The Tree of Life – Christ Ahnsahnghong restored for our salvation (WMSCOG)

The Tree of Life – Christ Ahnsahnghong Have you heard of the “Tree of Life?” – WMSCOG   Every single person on this earth is wandering without knowing the reason why people are to suffer in pain, difficulties and eventually…

Jesus' New Name Prophecies

Jesus Has a New Name – “Ahnsahnghong”

New Name of Jesus – Christ Ahnsahnghong I believe in God because I believe in salvation of the soul. One prophecy that really helped my faith grow in Christ Ahnsahnghong was the ‘Savior of Each Age and the New Name’…

Christ Ahnsahnghong Coming on the Clouds Prophecies

Jesus’ Coming on the Clouds! – Ahnsahnghong?

About Christ Ahnsahnghong – Jesus’ Coming on the Clouds!   OK, so like many Christians in this world, I too was waiting for the rapture to occur with Christ coming on the clouds to bring us salvation. In the Bible…